5 Reasons You May Need Fridge Trailer Hire

Please don’t take risks with refrigeration facilities; bacteria is not your ally. The costs of delivering food poisoning  to an unsuspecting consumer are significant, including the potential legal ramifications and penalties, an HSE and local authority investigation and reputation loss associated with a food safety incident.

  1. Do you need additional refrigerated storage capacity? https://www.icecooltrailers.co.uk/fridge-trailer-hire Perhaps one day when Covid-19 vanishes (fingers crossed) we can socialise in greater numbers and fill restaurants, pubs, hotels and entertaining spaces with noise and celebrations again. That could easily lead to a larger storage capacity being needed to accommodate the amount of food that the diners demand from you. Even now, you may be discovering that trading with a bias towards takeaway dishes has delivered stock requirement changes. If your on site fridge is overly full this risks its performance levels and could result in a food hygiene incident or facility breakdown.
  2. You’ve got a breakdown. Not a nervous one, although when refrigeration ceases to work it’s stressful and speed is essential to save stock and sanity. You can’t afford to tell your guests that you have to close because you haven’t got safely preserved food on the premises for them. Hire a fridge trailer instead. The best firms have 24/7, 365 days a year emergency call out lines and can be with you within a few hours, depending on the distance they need to travel and demand. Emergency refrigeration will always cost less than a mass cancellation of reservations. Moreover, an engineer might tell you that your existing facilities are out of action for a few days whilst a part is ordered so you need to source your crisis solution first, the engineer second. Preparing ahead of time can reduce stress. Have the name and number of the company you’ll contact if there ever is a problem close to hand so that you don’t run around like the proverbial headless chicken.
  3. You have opened a pop up eatery with a specified lease length and don’t want to spend on a permanent refrigeration solution that will eat into profits more than hire facilities. You need a legislation meeting facility and fridge trailer rental is perfect for clients who need flexibility, functionality and affordability.
  4. Planned maintenance or refurbishment work at the premises means that you need to relocate or downpower the existing refrigeration facilities for a while. A fridge trailer can be situated outdoors for convenience. Pre-book facilities for much needed peace of mind, As you coordinate the work you’ll know that your hire is taking the strain with food stock. That’s one problem dealt with!
  5. You’re hosting a one off event and the existing fridge space on site is unable to house all the stock required. For example, teas and coffees at an exhibition or a parents evening. That’s a lot of milk to find a home for.  Maybe you’re catering at a school fete, country show, exhibition or food show outdoors. Meet your safe economic solution. Fridge van hire normally costs more because fuel and ongoing maintenance and MOT charges are calculated into the fee. Trailers don’t need fuel or suffer from breakdowns.

Don’t forget that freezer trailer rental and freezer room hire are equally important in any of these situations.

Fridge Trailer Hire is Flexible

Trailers can be positioned wherever you require them, in a car park, a school field, adjacent to a marquee, between function rooms, outside the restaurant’s kitchen door. Consider whether you need a static unit that can be assembled on site or a moveable trailer on wheels. A cold room cannot be moved when it has been assembled until the hire period ends and the facilities are removed but fridge trailer rental units can be relocated between spaces if and when it’s necessary. Fridge trailers are available in a range of sizes, often 2.4m or 3m, and hire periods can be a day, a week or for months. You can extend them with a phone call. It helps to prebook at peak times but most companies have emergency facilities accessible 24/7. Staff can walk in and work in the trailers safely, this doesn’t contravene regulations.

Fridge trailers should always be well maintained, hygienic, delivered and set up by the firm’s experts on delivery. At the end of the hire term they will remove the facilities with no unwelcome stress or time usage on your part.

Don’t settle for anything less than the best service provider, it’s your reputation on the line.

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