Different Types Dart Board and Sizes

The game of darts was played mainly in the UK in the late 19th century. After World War II, it quickly gained popularity in the United States when American soldiers previously stationed in England brought the game back home. Today, there are several types of targets for recreational and professional play. In this post, we discuss different types of dartboard ideas and sizes.

Bristle targets are primarily used in high-profile professional tournaments. Bristle targets are typically used to play with steel-tip darts. Introduced by the Nodor company in the 1930s, the surface is created with tiny fibers called sisal, a grass-like hemp in Africa and China. Its main feature is that the original hole created by the dart closes when removed. The targets are known to last a long time due to this feature and with the added feature of the removable outer ring that has numbers on it, which allows the user to rotate the board so that wear and tear is more evenly distributed. It is also used exclusively for professional tournaments in the UK, as well as high-profile tournaments in the United States such as the Las Vegas Classic.

Electronic targets can automatically keep score.

Electronic targets are designed with the same design as the Bristle Bullseye but are constructed with hundreds of holes for each wedge. Featuring plastic-tipped darts, each hole is tapered and designed to electronically hold the count of one to eight players. The targets have built-in programming that can provide up to 100 different games, including popular cricket. Many styles of boards between simple wall versions and arcade types complete with electronic sounds and lights.

Magnetic dart boards were designed as a safe alternative for young players. Created with powerful magnets instead of dangerous steel tips, the plastic Rome-end tweezers stick to the plate when produced. Like electronic boards, there are many styles ranging from lightweight and simple portable versions to heavier boards with electronic sounds and lights. Magnetic dartboards are also available in special versions that highlight professional sports, including a number of Major League or National Soccer League teams.

Dart Board Sizes :

Standard dimensions

The standard dimensions of a Diana is 18 inches in diameter, or nine inches out from the center of the Diana.

Standard placement board

While you are playing a type of dart game that uses the standard board, there is a standard regulation for the placement of the board. The target should be centered five feet, eight inches off the ground. The line that is marked on seven feet nine and a quarter inches of board.

Standard sectioning board

Standard American and English dart games use a board that has 20 radial sections, fanning out from the central target. Each radial has two rings. The inner ring is triple the point score of the radial, and the outer ring is double.

“Fives” Board

The “Fives” variant of darts uses the same standard board size (18 inches in diameter), however, it is sectioned into twelve equal radials, instead of the standard 20. The points are all multiples of five and five, with the lowest being, 20 being the highest. Each number is repeated three times on the board.

“Fives” board placement

“Fives” darts were placed at the same height on the wall as the standard board; however, the throw line for this board is nine feet from the backboard.

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