RDX Ego Boxing Gloves Review

If you are passionate and trained for boxing, MMA or Muay Thai then you must have quality gloves to keep your hands and knuckles safe. Boxing gloves are extremely obligatory while performing such activities, it keeps you safe from several knuckles and bone injuries of hands. If you are looking forward to buy top-notch gloves then there is no better option than the RDX ego boxing gloves. When it comes to boxing gloves, RDX is considered as one of the most considerable and valuable in the industry.

The egos are the most affordable and high-quality gloves made by the RDX. It proffers an amazing experience while hitting your punches on that hard punching bag.  It can be used for both punching and sparring.  It comes in a different range of weights from 80z to 16oz. But, keep in mind you must use 16 oz gloves if you wish to spar with the gloves.

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About RDX ego boxing gloves

The RDX Company is very well known in the market for providing gloves. RDX egos are made with the Maya hide leather which is not exactly a leather. Maya Hide leather is another type of leather that is known as synthetic leather. But, it is still considered as quality leather. It is not as tough as the pure leather but still, it lasts long and highly durable. The craftsmanship of the gloves is way too good. You will never have to experience the issue of falling apart and stitches. Many of the people preferred to buy RDX ego boxing gloves because they are highly comfortable and provides a smooth experience while punching.

RDX ego boxing gloves features

The gloves are padded with the quality foam and also a wicking layer inside which is which aims to eliminate the sweat away from the palm. The gloves will remain smell-free for quite a long time and you will not face any issue related to such problems.

The gloves are highly durable and which is capable enough to deliver a significant impact on your opponent. It is very hard to find such gloves in their price range.

Pros and cons of the RDX ego boxing gloves

There are tons of benefits to buy these gloves, let’s take a look at the pros first and further we will be moving to the cons of the product.


  • These are one of the most affordable or cheapest gloves in the market with such quality.
  • The gloves are highly protective and safe for the toughest training sessions of boxing, you can use these gloves for hours. The padding in the gloves keeps you and your partner protected adequately.
  • The gloves are well made by the company and you can use it for longer training sessions comfortably.
  • RDX ego boxing gloves are highly recommended even if you are a beginner and not familiar with several boxing gloves. Get you a pair of these if you are just starting out with MMA, boxing or Muay Thai.


  • The cuffs of gloves are a bit smaller and have a flimsy side but it is not going to be that much effective if you are using correct forms.
  • Sometimes the Velcro of the gloves may stick out. It almost happens with all the gloves which are not such major issues to deal with.

Reviews of RDX ego boxing gloves

The gloves have almost received positive feedbacks which has proven that the gloves are no less than any other expensive boxing gloves.  From beginners to professionals, it has received all kinds of positive feedbacks from various people.

The durability, quality, and price of the gloves are the major reasons why RDX ego gloves are a lot in demand. It is being sold rapidly it is one of the best boxing gloves available. The customers are awestruck and highly satisfied with gloves by witnessing such a top-notch quality and performance.

Final Verdict

In summary, RDX has never failed to satisfy its customers and their new ego boxing gloves are definitely going to meet your expectations. High quality, durability, and affordable prices are the reason why the company always stands out from the crowd. Feel free to buy these gloves and you are definitely going to have an amazing experience.

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