The 3 Steps You Need To Start A Fantasy Football League

If you are a football fan and live for Sundays, then you no doubt are familiar with fantasy football. Maybe you even have a fantasy team of your own and obsessively check the NFL showdown tonight. If you are a die-hard fan, then playing fantasy may not be enough. This may mean that you are ready to start a league of your own.

Starting your own league is great because you set the rules and can make it the way you would want to play yourself. You can also get paid even if your team doesn’t win. You’ll get fees from the other owners so you come out ahead no matter what happens. It is also a great way to stay active over the winter when there isn’t much going on.

In this article, we will go over several of the ways that you can set up your own fantasy football league.

1 – Decide on the type of league

There are many different ways to set up your league so it pays to research and understand the different types. The key to remember is that the different types all take up a different amount of time. Some are more hands-off than others so you have to understand how much time you have to devote to running the league.

A simple, season-long league is going to be the most time-consuming especially if it isn’t a legacy league. Legacy leagues are one in which teams can keep their players from the previous year. It’s an easier league to manage since the draft preparation is not as difficult to organize.

There is also a DFS league which is a Daily Fantasy Sports league and is played once per week. The season begins and ends with the games of that day. Winnings are given out at the end of the day and players are pitted against each other rather than having to wait the entire season to see who won.

2 – Set fair fees

Everybody knows and understands that you are going to make some money off of the fees they have to pay to be in the league. What they won’t accept is if the fees are really high and the winnings don’t reflect it. They’ll know that the high fees are just for you to make more money.

Set the right fees that make it worth your time to manage the league but not so high that it puts people off from signing up for the league. You could always increase the winnings to reflect the high fees and still make enough for it to be worth it to be a commissioner.

3 – Have clear rules

There should be clear rules regarding when the rosters need to be set by when trades happen as well as how they happen.

For instance, some owners will collude with each other because they want to work against another owner who they feel they can beat together. Trade deadlines should be set and there should also be the ability to veto trades by other owners.

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