7 Best Heated Motorcycle Grips in 2024 (Tested)

best heated motorcycle grips

When it comes to biking, it’s quite a hassle to ride with cold hands. To avoid such, the arrival of winter surely calls for the use of heated grips on our bikes. With freezing temperatures, the use of warming grips in bikes grows more and more pertinent.

best heated motorcycle grips

Heated grips are one of the handiest and comfy items known to mankind. The use of heating grips is becoming more prominent with time. Since they not only ensure a better grip but help in making the most out of our journey. They are quite easily wearable items that grant us the freedom of wearing light gloves on less chilly days. Such combinations tend to make our journeys quite wholesome. In fact, it’s not a seasonal accessory for bikers. They are like lifesavers when the temperature goes down below freezing.

Winter is surely a high time for seasonal riders to go all out. With just some quick warm adjustment one can ride in such weather with ease. Opting for some quality heated grips makes the ride as comfy as a mid-summer blast.

Although, with iconic items, there comes quite many varieties to select from. They tend to come in numerous types. The use of such exemplary items is quite broad and varies based on the purpose. It calls for a critical decision of the biker to select the best-suited heated grips in the long run.

Here is a list of the best heated best motorcycle heated grips.

1. Electronic ATV 12V Motorcycle Hand Grip 

vmote grips

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Product details 

The product is rated as an excellent addition when it comes to blasting during Winter. This quality item aids in performance and ensures an iconic riding experience.  The product comes with top-notch heating features to ensure convenience. The user can easily warm out their hands within 10 seconds or less without any sort of hassle. The heated grips’ covered diameter is not more than 3.6cm and acts as an enhancer in providing an enriched and secure riding bonus.


The product is incorporated with waterproof technology to prevent any sort of water damage. It’s quite an asset to work with, especially during rain. Alongside such an iconic feature the brand assures us of dust-proof technology to keep the item nice and clean. One can easily expand the temperature up to 60°C to ensure a warm and comfy experience.

The most significant feature is the adjustable 3-speed temperature settings. This gives us access to change the mode based on our requirements. All these make up for the incredible durability and longevity of the product.

Build Quality

It consists of well-enhanced fabric material. More precisely, it is accompanied by fiber heating wire alongside durable kevlar wear clothing material for efficient warming and better grip. The 3-grip pad ensures a systematic change to suit the changing weather. It comes with an easily detachable pad to make sure the product’s cleanliness is well secured.

The item arrives with easy-to-comprehend manual instructions along with different installation accessories to ease up our workload.

Warranty and Replacement

Along with such iconic attachments and features, the company further assures us with a 12 months free replacement or refund policy. In case of any internal damage, the item counts for the brand’s resolve in providing us with the best service out there.


  • 3 different speed heating settings to improve dynamic advantage.
  • Premium fiber wire ensures a better heating experience
  • Special material to improve the Durability


  • Often due to long-term use, many products get wriggled.


  • Brand —Vemote
  • Material — premium Fiber
  • Design —Split design.
  • Item weight —5.06 ounces.

2. Heart Horse Heated Grips

heart horse heated grips

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Product Details

Heart Horse Heat Grips is one of the well-known Grips brands known for its incredible credibility and simplistic approach. The product offers quite a  twisting advantage for the rider and brings forth the best experience in all terms.

The easy-to-install system proves to be quite a successive feat for the company. Item is quite simple to assemble. Just navigating through the user-friendly manual guides the user down a narrow path.

Product Features

The anti-slip material ensures a sturdy grasp for the rider during intensifying rides. Alongside such iconic features, the flexible pads act as a quite fitting accessory to bring out the best in them. It’s quite comfy and fitting on all ends. The wear-resistance material promotes its lifespan and durability.

The most impressive aspect of the product is its 3 positioning switch which allows the user to change the grips’ temperature settings based on their need. The sophisticated tech used within it ensures a fast heating experience. The item can be charged with the use of a 5V USB power supply. The product runs on a power of 15W to make the rider’s dream worth chasing.

Build Quality

The gloves are incorporated with stretchable fiber to aid the user’s safety and satisfaction. Along with all these the item gloves are built to withstand multiple-washing. Such an elegant feature is quite an accomplishment for the brand. Not only is the waterproof feature considered ideal for a rider but the item is quite accessible and cheap.


  • Flexible temperature settings assure optimum performance and comfortability.
  • The product comes with superior stretchable fabric material.
  • The product is water-resistant.


  • It is quite accessible to reach out for new products with small-sized cables.


  • Brand — Heart Horse
  • Design— Easy to remove
  • Product Voltage — 5V

3. Vemote Motorcycle Heated Grips

vemote grips

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Product Details

Such an impressive addition sticks to the hands to provide an optimal riding experience. Within such premium attachments, the product also comes with hassle-free installation. The top-end features are what keep the brand unrivaled.

The simple click system ensures superior heating capabilities to make sure the user’s experience stays smooth and enriched.

Product Features

The most significant feature is that the Five Gear Heating mechanism brings out the most in the product. It ensures premium protection in terms of keeping the rider secure during all seasons. The elegant color display solely depicts the mode which eases the mind of the user. The ample color option stands out for the ongoing status.

The product assures an overwhelming 10 seconds heating rhythm to aid the item quality display above all ends. Apart from such exemplary features, the item comes with an inbuilt sturdy IP67 feature. This further assures us of waterproof protection during rainy situations of any sort. The product offers enhanced instructions to

Keep the user simple for the user. Bikers tend to catch on quickly to the product’s usability.


The iconic piece fits in all Handlebars. The quirky accessible rope is what onboards the grip with the handlebar with ease. Moreover, the easy-to-remove enhanced heating feature is quite a feature that guarantees a positive approach to the rider’s experience.  The most promising thing is its longevity as the product is secured against inefficient handling issues such as wrong polarity connection. Also, the premium fuse keeps it unaffected by all sorts of wear and tire.

The item’s weight makes it quite portable and handy. But most importantly the item’s anti-slippery and the secured mechanism are worth buying for an elite experience.


  • The five heating feature is quite a feat for the product.
  • The water-proof technology improves its overall performance.


  • The product seems to be a little bit rigid and hard initially.
  • There may be certain issues while installing.


  • Brand —Venmote
  • Heating time — 10 seconds quick heating.
  • Item weight— 13.1 ounces.
  • Input Voltage —12 Volt
  • Design — Easily detachable and separable system.

4. BikeMaster Heated Grips with LCD Voltage Display

BikeMaster Heated Grips with LCD Voltage Display

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Product Details

BikeMaster Heated Grips is a game changer in the ongoing competitive market. The assured quality the product brings is a promising deal.  Such an iconic inclusion is quite necessary and an incredible option in one’s experience.

The product reaches us with straightforward plug-and-play wiring security. This ensures an easy-peasy installation.  The quick and smooth heating grips are quite a feat to work with.

Product Features

The most comforting and attention-grabbing feature is the LED controller. They instill a sense of safety and security in the rider. The lights display oversee a firm control of the heating level of the product. The product also comes with a glossy reading of the battery voltage reading. The thinner and Grable grips give better convenience and fitting satisfaction above all others.

Another remarkable iconic feature is installed in-build fuse protecting mechanisms to avoid any sort of connectivity issues.  The removal caps aid its incredible performance and ensure a better riding thrill.


  • The heating mode assures better credibility and fits in with different handle bears.
  • The product is available in different options.
  • Easy to navigate through the settings.


  • The wires could be shortened to fit better performance.


  • Brand —BikeMaster
  • Item weight —12.08 ounces
  • Feature — 5 heating levels.
  • Design — Easily removable design.

5. Oxford – Heaterz Premium – Touring

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Product Details

Such an elegant piece of product is solely made to ease the urge of touring bike riders. The piece of craftsmanship in the product enriches the users with a sense of care and mobility. The product is quite a show in the market as it packs a huge punch compared to its price point.

The Oxford Heaterz heating grip has been altered for user suitability to provide safety and convenience. The item is well-customizable and provides an optimal result for the most part.  The product’s ergonomic modification makes up for its premium assurance. The rubber makes up for the classy sense of fitting experience for the user.

Product Features

The use of thick rubber assures maximum clutch and ensures protection against any sort of wear and tear.  The design focuses on a rhombus-shaped thread to make up for a sturdy grip for the rider. The enhancement of the product securely deals with the use of silicon cables. The cable makes up for its agility and flexibility during changing weather criteria. The trusty winter-grade wire mechanism ensures protection from short-circuiting and cracking.

The most iconic and noticeable modification is the five-mode adjustable heating rhythms.  The reflex system is quite effective in protecting the device from sudden power dropouts. This makes up for the better longevity of the battery. The system quickly ensures a swift shutdown when the power goes below 10.5v.


  • The rubber wearing makes up for a better experience.
  • The 5 adjustment heat settings are quite a feat on their own.
  • The product is incredibly flexible.


  • Often it doesn’t get firmly attached to handlebars.


  • Brand —Oxford
  • Item weight —1 pound
  • Material —Rubber
  • Design—Removable parts to ease the cleaning process.

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6. Koso AM111030 7/8″ + 1″ Apollo Heated Grips

koso grips

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Product Details

The superior quality and value the product brings along with the premium experience the product brings marks its popularity in the ongoing market. It is highly suited for the most rigorous tasks. Product enhancement assures brand quality and assurance. It is quite valuable for riding a bike in freezing temperatures.

Product Features

The high-end thumb technology assures swift control and easy hold over the heating grips. Such motion control across the handlebar is quite easy to navigate and makes the rider enjoy every bit of it. The changing modes are depicted with the help of comforting 5-LED color displays, which constantly alter their form based on the user’s adjustment. The iconic product also has an inbuilt voltage cut-off mechanism to protect the item from any electrical damage.

The product is incorporated with the easy to comprehend and simple installation materials. This makes up for an overall joyous experience for the rider without any unwanted turmoil.  Alongside such significant attachments, the voltage indicator is said to aid the user’s high satisfaction. The item is known profoundly as it has a quality and battery status indicator before starting the engine.


  • The 5-stage changing indicator improves its versatility.
  • The build material ensures longevity and durability at a higher fold.
  • The item is quite simple and easy and uses a low battery Indicator.


  • The battery draws in quite hefty power.


  • Brand —Koso
  • Material — rubber
  • Item weight — 14.4 ounces
  • Input Voltage —12 Volts.

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Things to consider before buying the best motorcycle Grips:

While selecting a product it’s quite essential to look out for the best model and features which draws the eye of the user. A few components that are important to look out for include

Brand and Compatibility

Looking out and opting for popular and ideal brands is considered a wise choice in the contemporary market. Riders often settle for brand-based grippers as they are well-devoured and suited to it. Alongside that, such grippers offer comfort and fit their preference.

Changeable Temperature settings

The salient and most important feature is its inner heating mechanism. The product which comes with a premium adjustable setting is considered an ideal choice. With enhanced and ergonomically monitored grips, one can easily meet expectations without having to go through any unwanted turmoil.

Material Quality

The better the material the easier it gets for the user. A top-notch material is always convenient and looks out for its longevity. Premium grips always ensure better fitting with the Handlebar. Along with such attachments, the product assurest resistance against corrosion and other issues which affect efficiency.

The high-end material should also be capable of enduring high temperatures to a good extent. Such materials could be considered an iconic inclusion in one’s experience in the long term.

Additional and Special Features

While selecting a product, a unique design may draw our attention. Often special features like LED custom temperature displays prove to be an important selling point for the premium Grip in the market. Also, riders tend to have an eye for the Grip with quality display in terms of voltage and battery power. These indicators are worth the brand value and quality. It is decisively quite essential to consider the aforementioned features before settling down for a  quality Grip for riding.


Things often get restless when it comes to installation. So, looking out for a simple, easy-to-navigate installation product that ensures a complete packaging of accessories is elementary. It must ensure a complete packaging of quality and essential materials from cables to instruction-based manuals.

Final thought

Finally, by merging the most vital features a product is capable of fetching, a user can easily pick out the best choice or alternatives. Along with such elegant features, the grip length is what makes the item stand out from the crowd. The maximum grip and convenience the grip shows on the handlebar are quite important.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Does the heating  Grip fit in my bike?

One can easily measure the inner diameter of the handlebar along with the space required for quick installation. Having such a rough idea helps in opting for the best Grip in the market.

Is it possible to merge the handlebars end indicator with the Grip indicator?

It’s not possible due to the mechanisms in which they both works vary widely.

What’s the warranty when it comes to Grips?

Different products have different warranty assurance. But often products with a better warranty period are always a preferred choice among riders.

Why does my right hand feel warmer than my left hand? 

The reason lies in the way one holds the throttle valve. The tighter it feels, the warmer it gets with time. But generally, as sequential time passes by, it gets neutral somewhat.

When it comes to grips, what is the most important thing to keep an eye on? 

Staying out from foam grips is considered ideal as they are deemed insulators. Meaning it is not well suited for warming activities. The most exemplary material for premium grip should be curved out of metal, rubber, or such combinations. It is also crucially important to oversee that the grips stick to the Handlebars as tightly as possible to ensure better hold and safety.

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