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Renowned political editor and writer Ayyappan Ramasamy is employed at the Indiaglitz YouTube channel. On February 20, 1994, he was born in Chennai, Tamil Nadu, India. Ayyappan is 29 years old and a Pisces per zodiac sign as of 2023. His educational background includes a B.E. graduate degree.

Recently, Madan Ravichandran, who was conducting the Sting Operation, released a video in which it was evident that he was accepting a bribe from someone. 

Biography / BioData

Full Name Ayyappan Ramasamy
Date of Birth February 20, 1994
Age 29
Native Place Chennai
Living Place Chennai
Religion Hindu
Education B.E
Marital Status Single
Profession Journalist
Languages Tamil and English
Nationality Indian


Private life and family

Chennai, Tamil Nadu, India, is the birthplace of Ayyappan Ramasamy. Regarding his family and siblings, he has not said a lot about his private life. It is well known that he doesn’t have children and is single. With almost 216K followers on Instagram alone, Ayyappan has a sizable fan base on social media. When he’s not working out, he likes to drive, read, sing, and listen to music.

Professional career

Beginning his professional debut on the Indiaglitz YouTube channel, Ayyappan Ramasamy worked as a journalist and political editor. Thanks to his interviews with politicians and celebrities such as TT Vasan, Seeman, Mohan G., BJP Amar Prasad, Gayathri Raghuram, and many more, he became a popular and well-known journalist. Millions of people have seen his interviews on YouTube, like the one he did with social media personality and biker TTF Vasan.

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Ayyapan Ramasamy Salary: Rs. 40,000 per month.

His contributions

The impact that Ayyappan Ramasamy has had on journalism in India is enormous. Recognition in the sphere of mass communication as a result of his daring approach to interviews and dedicated reporting of the truth. He has done interviews with notable celebrities and politicians, including Rajinikanth, H. Raja, Rangaraj Pandey, and others. His interviewees include both actors and politicians.

Latest Controversy

After a video showing him accepting money to smear someone went viral online, Ayyappan Ramasamy found himself at the center of a storm of criticism. In the footage, he seems to accept the arrangement even before receiving payment. He also addressed his ladies’ online followings. Madhesh, Mukthar, Rajavel Nagarajan, and JSK, who are all well-known journalists, were there when the event occurred. Madan Ravichandran (Sting Operation) published the video.

Ayyappan Ramasamy’s reaction to the issue was centered on the idea that his accusers had apparently forgotten that they were being watched by CCTV. He said he would record a video explaining his side of the story and refuting the allegations.

Some Facts That Are Not Common about Ramasamy

  1. When it comes to giving interviews, Ramasamy is well-known for being a risk-taker.
  2. Because the YouTuber TTF Vasan departed unexpectedly in the middle of an interview with him, he rose to prominence as a result.
  3. Pisces is the zodiac sign that Ayyappan belongs to according to the day he was born.
  4. His current social media following comprises more than 82,000 followers on Twitter and more than 215,000 Instagrammers.


Remarkably, Ayyappan Ramasamy was able to transition successfully from working in the information technology industry to becoming a well-known journalist. Even though he has been subjected to criticism, he has managed to amass a sizeable following both online and in the field of journalism as a result of his dedication to reporting the facts and asking challenging questions. Because he is committed to his work and adopts an ethical approach to journalism, Ayyappan Ramasamy is destined to go far in the industry.


Q.1 How old is Ayyappan Ramasamy?

Ans. Ayyappan will be 29 in March of 2023.

Q.2 Is Ayyappan Ramasamy married? 

Ans. He is not married right now. 

Q.3 Where is Ayyappan Ramasamy from?

Ans. He is from Chennai, India

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