Will the Internet kill TV/Cable? Or Will the internet kill the cable TV services?

This debate is not new and is not going anytime soon because the internet already has vanished some unconquerable industries by making this world digital and smart. THE cable TV industry as well TV manufacturing industries are not paranoid if they think the internet might kill them as well. However, there are means to update, innovate, renovate in time, before it’s too late.

In this article, we will find out whether the internet will or can kill TV or cable industries. If so, what are the reasons and how things look like in near future? Let’s dig into it so you can decide for yourself.

Internet VS cable TV

The Internet offers exciting content

Cable TV services have a certain lineup of channels according to the price of the package. Now, viewers want more than it that is the reason the internet is replacing conventional services like cable, satellite, and such. If you are looking for something worth spending that offers everything you need for your household at an affordable price, we suggest you check out spectrum TV packages. You might even consider the internet packages too that come without any contract at reasonable prices.

Some of us are fond of cultural TV shows that are readily available on Cable TV channels while others may want to watch international entertainment shows. The Internet provides easy access to foreign TV channels and their TV shows with a click. For example, movie lovers can enjoy more than one show or movie on the live browser of Amazon Prime or Netflix. So, the audience that desires a variety of content in abundance prefers to shift to internet bases platforms.

Cultural change in TV Watching Habits

On traditional TV, the only option is to watch your favorite TV shows, where you have to follow the strict schedule of channels. Newly android TV box also used by many people nowadays. Sometimes, the reality show limits 45 to 60 minutes due to the frequent commercial ads. Now, a culture of TV has gradually shifted to Smart TV. It facilitates smart TV viewers to watch unlimited shows on their devices, using their internet connection.

The traditional TV broadcasts one episode at a time but you can watch as many episodes of your favorite TV show in one sitting as you want. Yes, without waiting for another episode to be broadcasted. Smart TV or internet TV also allows you to skip the ads and enjoy the continuous streaming of reality shows.

You don’t even have to wait for a repeat telecast if you miss any episode of any show that is on their portal. Now, who is not a fan of watching movies! Some of us love hosting movie nights too. The best part for both of these is that you can enjoy continuous streaming of your favorite movies on your streaming app using whichever device you want to. The sports lovers who want to watch the live transmission of sports events also have some apps that keep you entertained as long as you have a reliable internet connection with a sufficient amount of bandwidth and data.

That’s why most of the cable TV providers also want to switch on internet TV through their official apps. As customers, it allows them to enjoy the entertaining shows at the time that suits them best. You can even enjoy old TV shows, classic movies, and animated movies you liked in your childhood. So, people today quench their thirst for entertainment and information by switching to internet TV.

Internet and Youth

A few years ago, students used print media and conventional methods sources like libraries and notes for seeking help in education. For that reason, they had to pay for newspapers, magazines, and cable TV subscriptions usually. nowadays, there are some best options such as digital libraries, YouTube, and online courses, journals, publications on the internet that does the same job but more conveniently. It, not only facilitates the student in their academic problems but also provides streaming of their favorite content.

Internet during and before the global pandemic has reduced the daily glitches at the workplace and home by making the world smarter. All the smart devices are dependent on the internet and have made most of the conventional tools and gadgets redundant.

Final Thoughts

Internet is so deep-rooted and already embedded in our lives that Gen Z would be the first generation that will not subscribe to cable service known as “no cord”. Millennials and many others are already cutting the cord.

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