How to Pick the Right Chainsaw for your Need

How to Pick the Right Chainsaw for your Need

Chainsaw is a useful tool for every garden owner, farmer & homeowner. By using chainsaws anybody can cut the trees easily. By accessing the right chainsaw your work will be easy. Here we are going to see how to pick the best chainsaw for your need. Let’s dive into the article.

How to pick the best chainsaw for your need

You can pick the chainsaw by knowing the need of your task. What you can do is first decide what type of trees you are going to cut and how many hours per day you can use the chainsaw. These are the essential things you need to consider before going to buy a chainsaw.

Size of the chainsaw:

The more powerful the chainsaw is more size it will be. So, choose the chainsaw according to your need. Gas chainsaws are usually larger than electric chainsaws. But engine power & piston displacement are the things you need to consider. Usually, smaller chainsaws are portable and you can take them anywhere. But bigger chainsaws are more powerful but portability is low.

Guide bar length: 

Guide bar length is another crucial factor you need to consider before picking the chainsaw. You can choose the guide bar according to the tree size. The shorter guide bar is less weight compared to the long guide bar. Choose the guide bar according to your need.

Other than these two factors you can also consider choosing between electric, gas, or pole chainsaws.

Gas chainsaw:

A gas chainsaw is big and has excellent power to cut large trees. If tree cutting is an art then consider using gas chainsaws. You can use it for a long time and cut large areas. The average weight of the gas chainsaw is 15 lbs. An average guide bar length is 20 inches. The engine capacity is 50 cc on average. You can choose the various ranges of gas chainsaws for your need.

Electric chainsaw:

An electric chainsaw is a perfect choice if you are looking to cut small & young trees. These chainsaws are portable and less weight. Electric chainsaws are easy to carry anywhere. Nowadays corded and cordless chainsaws are used. If you are using a corded chainsaw then you can cut for maximum hours. But cordless chainsaws you need to recharge the battery once in a while.

Pole chainsaws:

If you are ready to cut small trees or branches you can consider pole chainsaws. It can able to prune small branches and help small garden owners. But make sure you should not use it for big trees or pruning large branches. It can also be available in gas, electric models.


I hope now you understand the concept of chainsaws and their advantages and disadvantages. From this guide, you can understand the basic to detailed information about how to pick the chainsaw for your garden. Stay tuned with us for more garden tool updates.

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