7 Different Types of Chainsaws

Types of Chainsaws

Chainsaw is an electric tool, which helps to cut the branches and tags of the tree. Chainsaw was the most helpful tool for the forest industry for cutting wood.  In some instances, if it is monsoon season trees were fallen by heavy storms, which blocks transportation pathways. In this case, a chainsaw helps to clear the blockages by cutting them into pieces. And also, helps to remove unwanted tags from your own garden trees. It was a hectic process while using a hand saw. There are different types of chainsaws are there in the market.

Let’s discuss them…

7 Different Types of Chainsaws

There are different types of chainsaws are there in the market, you can choose the best one for your needs.

  1. Battery powered chainsaw
  2. Gas powered chainsaw
  3. Corded electric chain saw
  4. Pole saw
  5. Manual chainsaw
  6. Hydraulic chainsaw
  7. Pneumatic chain saw

Every Chainsaw did the same job, But there is a specific feature accompanying with each one. Hence, you can choose them according to your need.

1. Battery Powered Chainsaw

Battery Powered chainsaw runs on a lithium-ion rechargeable battery. You have to recharge the battery before you are going to use them. The battery will run the machine unstoppable for one day. For, longer work time, you have to carry an additional battery with you. Then, because of its capacity this battery-powered chainsaw is mostly used for medium size cutting work like limbing, pruning, and trimming the branches of the tree.


  1. It prevents gas emissions.
  2. Batteries are Rechargeable.


  1. Battery life will not be suitable for larger areas.

2. Gas Powered Chainsaw

Gas Powered chainsaw is a professional chainsaw, which makes precise wood cutting whether it is heavy or not. This chain saw generally, runs on gas powered by a two-stroke engine. This gas-powered chainsaw is the most powerful one, which is used for both industrial and home usage purposes. It is easy to carry anywhere because of its cordless property. But you have to carry extra gas cylinders for the safety purpose.


  1. Heavy duty chainsaw.
  2. It can be used for industrial purposes.


  1. Gas Fumes emissions will pollute the environment.

3. Corded Electric Chainsaw

A corded electric chainsaw is an electric-powered chainsaw, which is operated by plugin power. You can use this corded chainsaw around 1 acre in length by using extension cords. It performs well within the length. Due to low power energy, this coded chainsaw is recommended to use in and around your house. It is not recommended for industrial purposes. It performs well when compared to the battery-powered chainsaw. You can use generators or rechargeable batteries for a long distance that is one acre and above. But it is efficient while plugged into the power source.


  1. Energy efficient for mid-range jobs.
  2. Easy to use.


  1. Because of its plugin corded property, you cannot get efficiency above 1 acre length.
  2. Not suitable for industrial purposes.

4. Pole saw

This is a kind of chainsaw, which performs well for trimming and cutting the limbs of a tree. This pole saw helps to cut the area of the limb that is tough to reach that position. This pole saw can be run by all input power like battery-powered, gas-powered, or corded electric power. When compared to an electric-powered pole saw, the gas-powered saw will work as a powerful cutting tool. The electric pole saw is a light weighted saw, and it is easier to handle.


  1. Easy to use while reaching the limbs of the tree.
  2. Light weighted saw when compared to other saws.


  1. You can use them for a particular job.

5. Manual Chainsaw

Manual Chainsaw is a pocket-friendly chainsaw, which does not need any external electric power, gasoline, or batteries to run them. You just use them manually for cutting operations like cutting wood for a campfire. The chain consists of sharp teeth with each of the ends having a rope to wrap around your hands. You have to pull them side-by-side to cut the wood. It does not recommend for denser wood-cutting work. It is only for occasional use.


  1. Easy to carry anywhere.
  2. Does not need any external power.


  1. You can prefer them for small wood-cutting jobs.

6. Hydraulic Chainsaw

The hydraulic chainsaw is a powerful cutting tool, which will be used for underwater applications such as which is used to cut aquatic vegetation. Hence, it is water-repellant. And also it is used for not only cutting wood but also plastic, ductile and cast iron, and concrete. It works based on high-pressure liquid and it does not need any external energy to run the saw. Such a powerful cutting saw when compared to others.


  1. It will cut other than wood materials like concrete, iron, and underwater applications.
  2. Used for Industrial Purposes.


  1. More Expensive.

7. Pneumatic Chainsaw

Pneumatic Chainsaw is also one of the most powerful chainsaws which is similar to the hydraulic chainsaw. But the only difference is the power source, hence, this one can be run by compressed air or gas. This chainsaw can be used for both industrial purposes and used to cut underwater fallen trees. You can use them instead of gasoline chainsaws in tunnels too. Such an efficient chainsaw performs well even with steel, and concrete.


  1. Used for industrial, underwater vegetation purposes.
  2. No more emissions occur while using gasoline power.


  1. More expensive.

These are the 7 different types of chainsaws. I hope you like this article. Stay tuned for more articles.

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