Preventative Measures to Keep Pests Out


Pests come in different forms and can be a menace for most homes. Some of the common pests that can infest homes include spiders, ants, termites, cockroaches, rats, wasps, mosquitoes, and more. Pests are not only capable of destroying household items, but they can also cause diseases and give you sleepless nights. This is why it is important to put measures in place to keep them out of your property. Below are preventative measures to keep pests out.

Preventative Measures to Keep Pests Out

Four Ways to Keep Pests Out of Your Home

The following are four measures to keep pests out of your home.

  • Keep Your Kitchen Clean: Pests are usually in damp environments where they can find food. This makes the kitchen one of the favorite places for them in your home. It is therefore very important to keep your kitchen clean, as this will keep pests out. Make sure to remove all food particles lying around the kitchen, as this will only attract pests. Clean the kitchen thoroughly using a disinfectant cleaner. Ensure to keep areas of the kitchen such as racks, drawers, counters, and stove-top clean and dry. Also, it is important that you avoid keeping vegetables and fruits in the kitchen for too long. Overripe fruits and vegetables attract pests and you want to avoid that. Always be sure to dispose of rotting fruits and vegetables. Dispose of the garbage in your kitchen every day. Leaving the garbage indoor for days provides food for pests such as cockroaches and rats.
  • Keep Your Bathroom Clean: The bathroom is another area of the home where pests enjoy staying in. This is because of the dampness as well as the presence of dark corners in this area of the home. It is therefore crucial that you keep your bathroom clean and dry at all times. Keep your shower curtain clean and dry always. Also ensure that the drain is not clogged, making sure to remove particles and hair that might be blocking it. Wash the sink and tub regularly in order to keep it clean. Also, be sure to keep the floor dry by wiping up standing water immediately. Ensure to keep your buckets dry as well.
  • Maintain The Exterior: Pests do not only infest the interior of the home, but they also can also make outdoor spaces uncomfortable for you. Maintain your lawn and garden by pruning the plants regularly. Also, look out for holes and ensure to fill them up, in order to prevent standing water. If you have an outdoor kitchen, keep the area clean by removing food particles and washing the surfaces. Clean outdoor items like toys and furniture before taking them into the house. Check out here tips on maintaining your exterior.
  • Declutter Your Home: A cluttered home creates cool and dark spots for pests to hide and inhabit. Take out any item in your home that is not useful. From plastic bags to damaged electronic devices.


Contact trained professionals, that can provide you with a long-lasting solution to your pest problems.

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