Seven Tips to ensure a successful Home Renovation project

Seven Tips to ensure a successful Home Renovation project

Remodeling your house isn’t like getting a cone of ice cream. It’s not like you walk into an ice cream parlor, select the flavors you want, the toppings, and voila, you’re done in five. Instead, much thought, strategic planning, budgeting, and decision-making go into it.

Thankfully for the residents of Indianapolis, renovating a house isn’t that costly as it has a low unemployment rate of 4.2%. In comparison, the cost of living is 9%, which is also lower than the national average.

Seven Tips to ensure a successful Home Renovation project

If you live in Indianapolis, you have come to the perfect place to ensure a successful and stress-free way of handling your home renovation project. When things are affordable, people spend more on bringing their homes up to modern standards.

Renovation is a complex process as it entails planning and budgeting. If you want to ensure a successful home renovation project, here are a few steps.

7 Home Renovation Project Tips

  1. Planning is the key to success!

Poor planning ultimately leads to failure, so to succeed in anything you do, you must plan out all the steps. When planning, be realistic about the project’s duration and whether you and your family must relocate or pack your belongings.

If so, make sure to get storage space to store your stuff. If you’re facing issues finding storage space near your location, typing in storage Indianapolis In on a search engine will help.

Remember, to ensure your transition is hassle-free, working with reliable people/companies will put your mind at ease and help you get closer to a better and more beautiful home.

  1. No one ever said Yes to the loose cannon!

A proper budget is crucial when dealing with massive projects like home renovations. Make sure to do adequate research before assigning any project a budget. Always leave room for miscellaneous costs; for example, you decided to get that new shower your wife always wanted.

When the bathroom goes under construction, you could get a call from the contractor stating that the plumbing system needs an overhaul. In this scenario, the renovation can’t move forward until it is dealt with properly, so you will have to cover an unexpected cost here.

One must add a certain amount to the budget for uncalculated disasters to avoid such setbacks.

  1. Riding solo is a big NO!

A home renovation project is the next big step in life besides marriage. Of course, much thought goes into it, and you must carefully select whom you want to give the reigns of the project.

Yes, you got that right, you need to hire a contractor, and when doing so, you need to interview a few contractors and choose the one you feel most comfortable with, as you would be communicating with them daily.

In addition, good communication is a basic necessity of a healthy relationship. So, choose your contractor wisely.

  1. Messy hair is one thing but a messy home?

Make sure to be as organized as possible. Don’t just pack up and run; you need to manage your belongings into two significant piles:

(a) Things used daily, like clothes, shoes, and home appliances like the microwave and refrigerator.

(b) Things that can be packed immediately and moved into the storage boxes, like some kitchenware, decorative items, etc. Be clear and precise with your instructions to avoid future bickering or arguments.

  1. Be polite; ask for permission!

One of the biggest mistakes homeowners make is avoiding getting a building permit, which is of utmost importance when dealing with house renovations. Although it may seem like it may slow the process, trust us; not doing so will come back to haunt you later.

This is a basic necessity to proceed further with the project, as it ensures your house meets structural and fire safety requirements. In most jurisdictions, code inspectors can stop non-conforming work, which could create a massive nuisance if you ever plan on selling your home.

While obeying specific rules and asking for permissions would get you a high score on the good citizen board, you need to get that permit.

  1. Weather forecast is your new best friend?

Keep yourself up to date on the weather forecasts, as any natural disaster will set you back with your home renovations. Keep a check for heavy rainfall, snow, or windy days and manage the duration of your project accordingly.

Since Indianapolis has long, warm, humid, and wet summers, renovating the house in the summertime is better than waiting for the winters, as they’re short, very snowy, and windy. We all know what happens when it snows a bit too much.

  1. Journaling is the best way to keep up!

Yes, indeed, it sure is! Whether you like maintaining an online journal like an excel spreadsheet or you’re comfortable managing a diary. Make sure to jot in the progress of the house, how far along you are with your budget, and what kind of materials you would want to use in your home.

Don’t be afraid to explore, whether you go to the shops, look for stuff online, or decide to DIY. Process your ideas in your journal to organize your thoughts, as you need to know precisely what you want. This way, you’ll know which to keep and which to toss.

Last but not least:

Lastly, we’d like to add these words of Shannon Fritcher, who said, “There’s always room for improvement”! This quote refers to the fact that trends change with time. What may seem like the trendiest place will go out of style in a few years.

To keep up with modern trends, one needs to renovate homes so they don’t appear outdated and dull. Planning a home renovation can be stressful, but with the tips mentioned above, hopefully, you will have a successful and stress-free experience.

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