Which golf ball to choose?

Which golf ball to choose

The golf ball is the element that has evolved the most in golf. But despite this, it is becoming increasingly difficult to choose a ball.

Before going into analyzing the factors that will help you determine which golf ball to choose, you have to take into account several things:

You have to try the ball yes or yes. It is useless what the different marketing campaigns of the ball brands promise you. They all offer the same: more distance, more control, better feeling… Therefore, since the theory is not the same as practice, after deciding on one ball or another, give it a try.

The golf ball has to be valid for all clubs and all types of strokes, not only for the Driver.

The previous point brings us next: keep in mind the feeling around the Green.

And finally, if one type of ball works for you, don’t go around changing. If it is what has influenced the most in increasing the distance and the element that has evolved the most in golf, it will be for something.

Which golf ball to choose?

How to choose your golf ball

There are five main factors that you have to take into account to know which golf ball to choose:

  • Your level
  • The price
  • The feeling
  • Compression
  • The spin

The objective is to analyze all these factors based on your characteristics, narrow the circle, and finally stay with two or three models that you can try to finally opt for one golf ball or another.

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Your level of play

The first factor to take into account when choosing the right ball is your level. It is not the same that you just started playing golf and easily spent a dozen balls per round. That you are a one-figure player and you spend on average one or two balls per round.

If you are one of the first, I recommend that you invest in evolving, learning, and teaching golf. But if you are one of the second do not abuse and change the ball periodically in case you do not lose it. Don’t be caught. Golf balls also wear out with use.

The price of golf balls

We are talking about spending approximately € 50- € 60 on a dozen premium balls. Or to spend about € 15 or € 20 on some more basic balls.

One thing is clear to me, if you are willing to spend € 60, it will be much easier to choose a ball.

Stay within your budget and as your game improves, that same budget will allow you to pay for better golf balls as you will lose less.

When you’re good enough to play around without losing a ball … then you can afford better golf balls on your budget.

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Think of it as an incentive to improve!

The feel of the golf ball. The sensation is what the ball transmits to you, it could be summed up in whether it feels soft or hard. We could say that this factor is mostly a matter of taste. It is difficult to tell you with a ball sensation that you will find yourself more comfortable.

In this aspect, you have to take into account that the ball transmits you in different aspects of the game. There are many rules like these so you can see the golf gear hub.


On the long shot, you probably won’t notice much. Here the sensations are much more difficult to perceive.

Short stroke

In the short stroke, both in the putt and in the approach, it is where you have to pay more attention when it comes to this factor.

In this aspect of the game, you will notice it regardless of the level you have. There is a tendency to think that having a low level is not noticeable but that is not the case.

Probably most players prefer a soft touch around and on the green. The feel of the ball is important, but deciding which golf ball to choose requires more focus on performance.

Don’t confuse feeling with spin, they are completely different things. The feeling is more related to the next factor than to the spin.

Why, because the lower the compression of the ball, the more it can be compressed and will give the feeling of being softer. And when the compression is higher, the opposite happens, it will be more difficult to compress it and it will give a harder feeling.

In many cases, the brands themselves put their compression index. With this, you have to be very careful because brands measure their compression, and not all measure it in the same way.

Therefore, the compression indicated by the manufacturer is rather indicative.

And why do they give different compression ratios? Well, because some manufacturers measure the compression of the core and others the total compression of the ball.

A solution that some ball brands give to not go crazy has been to define the compressions as low, medium, or high.

Add that some manufacturers also make a recommendation on the ball box based on your swing speed in miles per hour.

An example of a low compression ball would be the Calloway Chrome Soft. A medium compression ball for the Titleist velocity and a high compression ball for the Titleist ProV or Taylor Made TP5.

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