How to Choose the Best Full Face Paintball Mask for Beginners

Paintball is becoming a popular & fun sport and many people willing to play this game. If you or someone you know is a paintball enthusiast, getting the right gear is important.

The single most important piece of gear you can have for safety purposes is a full-face paintball mask. The best paintball mask will fit you comfortably, not impair your vision and not be too hot or fog up.

It can be challenging to choose between all of the numerous options out there for paintball masks. Learn a bit more about what works best for you with this guide.

Types of Full-Face Paintball Masks

At the very least you should get some goggles that protect your eyes. Most paintball courses also require that you have some sort of mask for facial protection as well. The following are some options you have.

Basic Full Face Paintball Mask

This is often a cheap paintball mask that comes in at the bottom of the pricing spectrum. It covers your eyes, nose, mouth, and your face with a hard polymer coating. It has very few features besides this hardshell with a few vents.

Full Head Paintball Mask

This type of paintball mask extends your protection to the next level. It wraps around your entire head, as its name suggests protecting the back of your skull as well as your face. It resembles a motocross helmet.

Thermal Paintball Mask

The thermal paintball mask is all about heat mitigation. During play, you will be very active and burn many calories. This will heat the interior of your mask and lead to fogging issues with its goggles.

A paintball mask fan located in this type of equipment helps mitigate this heat buildup. So do advanced ventilation designs and special anti-fog goggles. These masks tend to be pricey due to their additional features.

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How to Choose Your Mask

The most important thing about your mask besides its durability is how well it fits you. You should always size and fit your mask to your face before purchasing it.

A paintball mask is also known as paintball goggles. These goggles are used for protection, safety, anti-fog & better visibility.

Choose a mask that fits your face, your budget, and your style of play and you won’t go wrong. With a bit of trial and error, you should be able to find your perfect mask.

Protect Your Face

Don’t risk losing an eye or going blind playing paintball. A simple full-face paintball mask is your greatest safety tool when enjoying this tactical sport.

That way you can get back to thinking about tactics and not have to worry about your load-out and gear. The face & eyes are the most important part of our body. So, full face protection is must needed thing to consider while buying a paintball mask.

Sealed Perfectly:

The mask should seal perfectly from all angles. Proper sealing is mus otherwise you can face some series issues while playing the game. Proper ventilation is also a must. Otherwise, your face will sweaty, foggy & blurry. So, choose your mask accordingly.

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The paintball mask should be comfortable & visible. During playtime, you need to take a proper breath and see clearly throughout the game. The mask’s comfort is a must thing. Also, many masks come with interchangeable lenses. You can choose interchangeable lens masks so, that you can easily change the lens without changing the whole mask.

Anti-fog lens is the best option.

These are the important things to consider when choosing paintball masks. I hope this buyer’s guide help to choose the best paintball mask on the market. If you like this article, then don’t forget to share it with your friends.

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