5 Fun Ideas to Transform Your Living Space

Your living room is the place in your home you relax in and entertain your guests. Naturally, it is therefore important that it is a warm and comfortable space you want to spend time in. There are countless ways you can design a stylish living room, but here are a few useful ideas to get you started.

Get Creative with Space Saving

If space is at a premium in your home, a great way to improve your living area is to create additional space. This can prevent your living room from feeling overly cluttered, which can go a long way to transforming the feel of the area.

This can be achieved in a variety of interesting ways. Creating extra distance between furniture in your living room, for example, can make your living area feel much more spacious and lavish. You can accomplish this by switching your current furniture for smaller pieces, such as a grey apartment size sofa, that can be spaced apart more easily. In addition, adding furniture with built-in storage can help you reduce the actual number of pieces you need.

Experiment with Different Textures

Texture is an often-overlooked aspect of interior design, but mixing different ones into your living area can go a long way to creating an interesting, layered space. Incorporating soft, plush textures, such as wool and cotton, can make your living room feel cozy and inviting. Meanwhile, mixing in harder textures like wood and glass can provide an eye-catching contrast to the softness of the sofas and pillows.

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Use Contrasting Colors

Similarly, combining contrasting colors can make the look of your living room really pop. Pale, neutral tones, such as greys and off-whites, for example, can evoke calmness and make your rooms feel more spacious. However, by themselves, they can arguably be a little boring. Adding one or two splashes of bold, bright color, can therefore transform an otherwise dull living area into something much more captivating. Additionally, contrasting light and dark in your design can help give your living room depth and balance.

Separate the Space into Different Zones

Another way you can create an evocative, spacious, living area, is to divide the space into separate smaller zones. Not only can this go a long way to making the room seem larger, but practically, it can also be beneficial if, for example, you need to use part of the room as a home office.

Traditional dividers can be used to accomplish this, as well as large pieces of furniture. Alternately, if you’re looking for something less drastic, using different color palettes between areas can be a subtle way to psychologically delineate a living area into different sections.

Add Unorthodox Furniture

To truly make your living room stand out, consider mixing in unusual, statement furniture. This can both help the space more feel unique and add a touch of personal flavor to your design. Trunk coffee tables, for instance, can give your living area a sophisticated look, while also creating some extra storage space. Alternately, adding a floral print armchair can add a sense of fun to your living room, and make the look of your room more distinct.

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