5 Tips To Fight Hair Fall Using Soy Protein

Hair Fall

In the modern age, men and women suffer from the issue of hair fall. According to studies, male pattern baldness affects almost 25% of males and 40% of women in their early 20s. Businesses have begun to explore and manufacture shampoo, serums, and tablets to combat hair loss. Spa services and hair massages are also hawking themselves as remedies for hair loss. However, it is crucial to check the cause of hair fall before taking a few pills and purchasing shampoos based on marketing.

Hair Fall

Perhaps you’re not giving your hair the nutrition it needs. A good protein intake is crucial for the healthy growth of hair, just as a balanced diet helps us maintain a healthy weight. Meat, eggs, lentils, and cheese are good protein sources. Soybeans are an excellent source of soy protein.

Read on to learn how soy protein can prevent hair fall and how to use it.

Nutritional Facts of Soy Protein:

The nutritional powerhouse of soy protein contains fats, vitamins, calcium, sodium, iron, fiber, and magnesium. It contains necessary amino acids that support healthy body function. These amino acids are essential for growing new hair, losing weight, building muscle, and maintaining a healthy heart.

Keratin is the main component of our hair. When you consume protein, it converts into amino acids, which aid in the synthesis of keratin.   Our body must have the ideal protein levels to stimulate hair growth to make keratin. Red blood cells assist in supplying nutrients and oxygen to the hair follicles, promoting new hair growth. Red blood cells originate from amino acids found in soy protein. Let’s dig deeper to learn how to use soy protein to fight hair fall.

1. Pre and post workout Soy protein smoothies

Protein smoothies are a simple way to get soy protein in your diet. You can consume protein shakes either before or after exercise. You can combine it with your preferred fruits or vegetables and be ready to go. One of the essential amino acids in soy protein, arginine, promotes hair development. It is a nitric oxide generator that improves immunity and blood flow to the scalp to delay the onset of baldness. Tofu and edamame are also sustainable protein you can take post-workout.

2. Hair Serum

People frequently neglect their scalps and believe shampoo will solve their hair fall issues. Hair serums are just as crucial to your hair care routine as shampoos are for removing dirt. Soy protein serums can aid with dandruff, inflammation, and other issues by rejuvenating the scalp. A healthy scalp will result in stronger roots, more excellent hair elasticity, and less breakage.

Sulfur deficiency is another factor in hair loss and other hair diseases. Methionine, an amino acid in soy protein, gives your hair the sulfur it needs. Furthermore, methionine aids in synthesizing collagen, which strengthens the hair shaft.

Therefore, Use an excellent quality hair serum with soy protein after each shampoo to strengthen your follicles and lessen hair loss.

3. Hair revitalizers

Hair thinning results from routine hair treatments like bleaching, straightening, and hot combing. It can be reduced by using soy extract-infused hair treatments and revitalizers. Cysteine, an amino acid found in soy protein, promotes the growth of new tresses. Its antioxidant qualities can save your hair from the negative effects of UV radiation and pollution. Cysteine gives the hair cells the sulfur they need to develop robust and healthy hair. In addition to soybeans, other foods high in cysteine include cheese, yogurt, broccoli, and meats.

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4. Hair oil Conditions hair

Hair loss can be significantly reduced by using good quality protein-rich hair oil. Apply warm hair oil to your scalp for at least 4 hours before shampooing your hair. Your scalp and hair will benefit from the high protein content of soy protein hair oil. Your hair feels moisturized and conditioned from root to tip. Each time you rinse your hair, you’ll discover that your hair is more substantial and softer. Applying hair oil locks the moisture within the hair strands.

5. Protein-rich Shampoo

Shampoos rich in soy protein assist in cleaning the hair shaft and nourishing the hair follicles to support stronger, healthier hair. Its ability to bind moisture helps to restore damaged hair. Protein’s antibacterial and antifungal capabilities protect the scalp against bacterial and fungal infections.

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You should be careful that consuming a lot of soy protein may result in moderate stomach issues such as bloating, constipation, and sickness. Some people may have adverse responses such as rashes and itching. Taking soy foods in moderation can help you reap its benefits without any side effects. Hair fall is a severe concern for many. It is better to find its root cause and start the treatment. Lastly, check with a nutritionist for any deficiencies and the kind of supplements that you can take to fight hair fall. This can give you a better knowledge of your hair care routine.

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