Everything You Need To Know About Oriental Roaches

Oriental roach

Most people experience a shiver when they see any type of cockroach. After all, these small pests are said to be able to survive a nuclear blast, providing they are not close enough to be incinerated by the heat.

Oriental roach

But, the real issue with seeing a cockroach is that they can carry a variety of diseases. None of which you want to catch. What you may not realize is that there are many different species of cockroaches. It’s worth knowing some of them as you’ll know what you’re facing and how to beat it.

If you prefer to get the experts involved then call your local pest control company and have them eliminate” the roaches for you. They have all the equipment they need to do this and the experience to ensure the job is completed quickly.

Introducing The Oriental Roach

The Oriental roach is often referred to as the Waterbug. This is because it is most at home around moisture. This roach is actually one of the largest roaches in existence today. They have smooth dark bodies and are adept at slipping through small gaps, such as under doors; through a gap in your wall, and even the tiny gaps surrounding a pipe where it joins the building or goes through a wall.

They are either dark brown or a dark reddish-brown and can be as long as 32mm. But, oriental roaches have no wings. They do have large wing pads that provide protection for the rest of their body but these can’t be used to fly.

Where You’ll See Oriental Roaches

Oriental roaches are generally happy outside in the summer months. They are generally seen around gutters and even flower beds where there is still moisture available. You may even see them coming in and out of the sewers as there is always water present in the sewer system.

Oriental roaches mainly come out at night, during the day they stay in a dark moist place where they won’t be disturbed.

As the weather cools they are more likely to move into your foundations where they can still find moisture but they are warm. Naturally, your home provides an array of feeding opportunities for them.

Other Facts About oriental Roaches

As well as seeing an oriental cockroach, you may also see their eggs. The casings are usually about 10mm in size and are a dark brown or red colour. Every case contains 16 eggs and potentially produces 16 new Oriental cockroaches.

Alongside seeing the egg casings, you will also be aware of a strange odour. The Oriental cockroach talks to other roaches by secreting chemicals. These chemicals have a distinctive smell. If you detect a musty aroma and can’t figure out what it is then you may have Oriental roaches.

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Preventing An Oriental Roach Infestation

In general, the Oriental roach will avoid humans. However, that doesn’t stop it from leaving bacteria behind which could make you ill and it can trigger allergic reactions as well as asthma attacks.

In short, you need to prevent a cockroach infestation.  There are several things you can do:

  • Keep It Clean

Oriental cockroaches need food and water to survive. Eliminate that and the cockroaches will go elsewhere. One of the best ways to avoid inviting roaches in is to keep your house clean and tidy. Wash the dishes as soon as you’ve finished using them, wipe down all sides, and vacuum the floor daily. You can also wipe surfaces and floors with food-safe disinfectant and warm water.

This eliminates food sources for the roaches and will make them go elsewhere.

  • Seal the Gaps

Cockroaches need to get into your home to cause an infestation. One of the simplest ways to do this is through gaps in your walls. It’s not uncommon for gaps to form as the house settles. They are most likely found around doors and windows. Simply inspect your entire home and fill in any gaps you find. They don’t just let cockroaches in, they’ll let in a variety of pests.

  • Eliminate Water

Oriental cockroaches love water. If you get rid of any standing water, fix any leaks, and eliminate the dampness in your home, then the cockroaches will not want to stay. It’s a very effective way to prevent a cockroach infestation.

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