Are Bedbugs Just Found In Beds ?


Everything You Need To Know About Bedbugs & Whether They Are Just Found In Beds

Bed bugs are known as the hitchhikers of the pest world. They are small and not exceptionally quick, although they can move 3-4 feet per minute. Without wings, their range should be limited. But, they have mastered clambering onto different surfaces and clinging on. That means they can be transported on your clothes, in your bags, and even on delivery parcels.


Bed bugs are also fast at multiplying. That means if you have one you will quickly have an infestation to deal with and you’ll want to find a local pest control expert, you can check them out here.

Bed bugs are known to bite you when you sleep. They need your blood in order to survive. You are most likely to see them n the crevices around your bed and there will be rust-coloured marks on your sheets. You are also likely to have red marks on your skin.

While the bed bugs don’t carry disease, the marks are generally itchy. That means you can break their skin when scratching and potentially let bacteria into your body. It’s known as a secondary infection.

Considering the name given to these pests, it’s not surprising that they are thought to live in beds. However, this is not the only place you’ll find bed bugs.

Where Bed Bugs Can Be Found

The main role of a bed bug is to find somewhere to live that is close enough to a human to allow them to feed undetected. In other words, they need to be able to get to you, feed, and return to their home before you wake.

Considering the speed they can travel at, that means they could effectively live anywhere in the house and still reach your bedroom.

Some of their favourite hiding spots are:

  • Beds

If they are living in your bed they will be in the crevices between the mattress and the bed frame. They may also attach themselves to the seams of the mattress, any cracks in your frame, and even the detail in your headboard. You won’t notice them unless you are looking for them.

  • Couches

It doesn’t matter if your couch is upstairs or downstairs, it will usually have deep crevices on each side. These are perfect for bed bugs to hide n. They can then crawl up and bite you while you’re sleeping or even when you’re relaxing. Their bite is so small and painless that you probably won’t notice

  • Curtains

Curtains are also a good spot for bed bugs to live n. There are plenty of natural creases and they can live on the back of the curtain, meaning you are unlikely to spot them as you rarely look at the back of the curtain.  The fact that they are very good at holding onto things explains how they stay there even when you open and close the curtains.

  • Carpets

If you have carpets in your house you may already have needed to deal with a flea infestation, especially if you have pets. Carpets tend to have deep piles which allow a variety of pests to live in unnoticed. Bed bugs find carpets a great place to hide and they allow them to travel around without being noticed.

You can vacuum them regularly to get rid of the bed bugs. But, you may want to consider replacing the carpets with an alternative option, such as hardwood flooring.

  • Clothes

Because bed bugs are such good hitchhikers they will often arrive at your home on your clothes. These can be the ones you’re wearing or the ones in your suitcase. In either scenario, the bed bugs can remove themselves from your clothes and head into your closet to find different ones. They can happily live in a closet attached to clothes and simply come out to feed.

Final Thoughts

Knowing where bed bugs can be found will help you to stay vigilant for them and eliminate them if necessary. Of course, it is also a good idea to get the professional exterminators to inspect your home at least once a year. They can check for bed bug activity and any signs of other pests. This can give you peace of mind.

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