How does Carrara Marble Worktop compare to Calacatta Marble?


Carrara and Calacatta- both of these not just rhyme but are also confusing to differentiate. You need to observe minutely to be able to tell the difference. Marble is a 100% natural stone. It is available in various shades and colors. Carrara and Calacatta are two design variants of marble that are widely used. But, often, people get confused with which one is which.


Here, we try to compare the two varieties and see how similar and different they are. Even though these types sound identical, they have distinctive individualities. Vaguely speaking, while Carrara marble has a bold attitude, Calacatta is pretty shy and subtle.


Both Calacatta and Carrara marble originated in beautiful Italy. Carrara has been named after the place it is found in abundance- Carrara, Italy.


Calcatta Marble is a spectacular shade of white. This design has a whiter than white background with several gray flecks or veins. The veins give a bold and attractive aura to this marble type. It has a chic and sophisticated feel to itself and hence is often associated with luxury.

The veins are comparatively thicker and more significant than the pattern present in Carrara marble. Use this marble variant as your vanity or fireplace worktop, and it would give a very extraordinary look.

Carrara marble is pretty toned down and subtle. It has a greyish white background with white or darker gray feather-like specks. The patterns are not as prominent as in Calcatta. This makes it softer look-wise.

The specks are very fine and thin. Use it as your kitchen worktop or coffee table surface; Carrara marble will add a sense of tranquility to the room. The simplicity of this marble type is what makes it stand out.

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Carrara marble is available in the market. Carrara marble worktops in London are always in trend. People prefer the classiness of this variant of marble.

Calcatta marble is not that easy to find. Hence, you will only get these in luxurious and expensive households in London.

Price Tag

Since Carrara marble worktops are always on demand, the cost of these countertops is comparatively lesser.

Calcatta marble, on the other hand, is pretty expensive and hard to find. However, calcatta worktops are testaments of style and slickness. It would be an investment for an extended period.


Marble as a stone is pretty thermal resistant. It is pretty tough and hard-wearing. It can also resist a moderate amount of pressure without complaints.

Carrara marble worktops are better in hiding scratches than calcatta since they have a darker background. Like all marble, this type requires daily cleaning with simple soap and water to maintain hygiene and shine of the slabs.

Calcatta marble has a snowy white background. This property makes stains and scratches look more prominent. However, regular cleaning might help in keeping the surface as shiny as new.

No matter which worktop you prefer, you need to be careful with chopping and using knives on the surface of the marble. Marble is not scratch resistant. Also, if you have young kids to entertain, you should choose darker shades of marble because the shades mentioned above are not very stain-friendly.


Both Calcatta and Carrara kitchen worktops are available in London. Their requirements are no different from typical marble. These worktops need sealing.

You need to be a little cautious because marble as a stone is pretty fragile. Little accidents might lead to wear and tear. However, marble worktops have a natural beauty which remains unparalleled.


Marble is a stone that is always in trend. Marble worktops are a preferred choice for most households. This stone can be used to fit in contemporary as well as traditional homes.

While a calcatta countertop is an asset to own, Carrara marble worktops are no less in terms of aestheticism and design. They are often treated as the same, but that is not exactly true.

Calcatta mostly inclines towards beige and golden shades while Carrara tends to turn blueish with time, making it look like a sky with subtle cloud-like soft veins popping out.

No matter which type you wish to install in your humble abode, you will not be disappointed. But, it is essential to understand the differences between the two to make the right choice.

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