What is the Toto Neorest Smart Toilet?

In the modern age, going to the toilet is no longer about the necessity, but the whole experience. If you are looking for a high-quality and top-rated bathroom accessory, there are several things to consider. First off, expensive bathroom fixtures are not just for the well-to-do.

More and more families are outfitting their home with top of the line toilet accessories because of their convenience and extra comfort. And among the well-loved products is the Toto Neorest which has proven over time their worth in everyone’s home.

What is the Toto Neorest Smart Toilet?

The toilet bowl model is considered as the “Mercedes-Benz of the bathroom” because of its luxury and top of the line features. It is much more expensive than most toilet bowls and ranks on top of the bathroom fixtures market.

What Makes the Toto Neorest the Best Smart Toilet?

When it comes to nature’s calling, the word “smart” does not seem to exist. But think of everything moving to smarter technology, and this is what the Toto toilet model tries to embody.

The high-end toilet is equipped with features you won’t find anywhere else, including its ability to evacuate waste with less water consumption. Its construction makes all the difference with the Toto Neorest.

The bowl’s surface is made from CeFIONtect Glaze, a non-porous technology only found in most Toto bathroom appliances. It does not allow waste from sticking into the surface of the bowl and adds an extra glimmer, so it looks and feels clean.

CeFIONtect is an exclusive feature in all Toto Neorest models, only needing a gallon of water to remove solid waste. Its cost-effective water technology far outweighs the initial costs, saving you tons of money every time you use the toilet.

Toto Neorest Uses a Tornado Flushing System

The Toto Neorest toilet bowls use internal channels to direct flowing water from the top opening to the bottom. Propulsion water spirals down the opening of the bowl coming down to the bottom of the rim.

The toilet bowl model is effective in pushing everything to the P-trap and into the connecting drain pipes. It is called the tornado flush, allowing water to swirl around the bowl, collecting all debris. The siphonic features of the Toto Neorest toilet fixture is a one-of-a-kind system you won’t find in most commercial toilet bowls.

Additionally, the Toto Neorest follows a rimless bowl design without the conventional holes in most bowl rims. There is no surface for bacteria to grow, and germs are avoided because of the glazing effect of the CeFiONtect coating.

With no holes to trap disease-causing germs and moulds, the Toto Neorest toilet bowl is easier to clean. You do not need to use harmful chemical cleaners or worry about clogs that eventually befall most toilet bowl models.

The Takeaway

Luxury and comfort co-equates each other with the Toto Neorest model. Its first-class features provide all the necessities you need to level up your toilet experience. This type of toilet bowl fits the deserving people who would like to find the right reasons to visit their toilets continually.

The porcelain throne features some of the best SMART technologies including UV light which breaks down grime buildup, a remote control, and a bidet with temperature control, pulsating and oscillating water treatment, pressure adjustments, and directional water flow.

For a toilet bowl with all the features and convenience, you must be willing to pay the price. But this is a small price given its luxury to change your toilet visits every time.

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