The Main Elements of Scandinavian Design 

Australia is called “the Land Down Under” because it is located in the earth’s southern hemisphere. Because the continent is below the earth’s equator, Australians are believed to have their heads pointing towards the south while Americans have their heads pointed north. While this may be a matter of perspective, the term “upside down continent” stuck and Australians embraced the fun connotation.

The Main Elements of Scandinavian Design 

Australians are also known to be laid back people and enjoy acting and dressing casually. While Aussies are professional in their work, they tend to take an easy-going approach in performing their tasks. Most Australians also avoid clutter. They tend to go for the minimalist approach in their workplace and their homes. This minimalist approach is one reason why Scandinavian furniture in Australia has become so popular.

The Origin of Scandinavian Design 

A minimalist interior design movement originated around the 1930s within the Nordic countries of Denmark, Iceland, Finland, Sweden, and Norway. When this simplistic design was shown to the public, the show used the title “Scandinavian Design”. This title soon became the official description for minimalist style of interior design.

The Popularity of Scandinavian Design 

With around 300 days of sunshine, Australian have grown accustomed to and have enjoyed the sun. The Australians’ love for sunlight is reflected by the popularity of Scandinavian furniture in Australia since these pieces maximize the amount of light within the room. Scandinavian furniture also focuses on the quality of materials and craftsmanship while creating clean lines that prioritize function rather than form.

The Common Features of Scandinavian Design

It is a misconception that to achieve a Scandinavian style room; your furniture must come from Ikea. While this superstore does indeed sell a lot of minimalist style pieces, this store is not the only source of Scandinavian furniture in Australia. You can create a Scandinavian theme by having these following elements or features:

  • Minimal Use of Carpets: Instead of opting for wall-to-wall carpeting, you can create a Scandinavian style living area by choosing to have wooden floors. You can soften the hardness of the wood flooring by throwing in a few rugs in strategic places.
  • Muted and Light Colors: The use of muted and light colours for interior walls was necessary for the Nordic countries to maximize light during dark winter nights. However, Australians have found that using light and muted interior colours allow more light to be utilized in their indoor spaces.
  • Lots of Wood: Wood flooring, wooden cupboards, wooden cabinets, and wooden toys will give your area that Scandinavian appeal that you’ve always wanted. When using wood, choose the light to white wood varieties such as ash, pine, and beech.
  • Clean, Functional Lines: Since the Scandinavian design focuses more on functionality, furniture pieces are devoid of ornate and elaborate details. The lines that you will get from your furniture pieces are streamlined for function and not for the aesthetics.
  • Clutter-Free. Scandinavian furniture is designed to hold minimal clutter on their surface. If there is a lot of stuff, the furniture is designed to hide the clutter away from view.
  • Simple Accents: Décor and accents within the room are kept to a minimum. A room intended to be Scandinavian inspired may even have bare and empty walls.

So, if you like to have a clutter-free space that maximizes the amount of light, then the Scandinavian Design is right for you.

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