Why You Need Loading Platforms

Brisbane is both the capital and most populous city in Queensland. The Globalization and World Cities Research Network also classifies Brisbane as a Beta+ global city. One of the major ways Brisbane maintains its capital and global city status is through its economy. The city is among the major business hubs in Australia. It does a good job at it since it is also one of the cities in the Asia-Pacific region with the highest GDP.

Why You Need Loading Platforms

One of the key factors that contribute to the economy of any place is infrastructure, and Brisbane has no shortage of it. Even with the COVID-19 pandemic, the construction industry in the city continued to grow. Between February and September 2020, the Greater Brisbane area reported over 12,600 building approvals. At present, Brisbane already has 360 high-rise structures, and people expect that number to rise. If you have a project that will add to it, you will need the Loading Platforms Brisbane has to offer.

Why Have a Loading Platform

One of the issues you will have when working on a high-rise project is moving heavy equipment or materials from one particular level to another. This situation is where cranes come in. Although cranes can do the heavy lifting, they can only bring the materials to the side or adjacent of the structure. So although the materials are on the right level, they are dangling a few meters of the edge.

The Loading Platforms Brisbane has to offer, to solve this problem. The loading platforms extend or protrude from the side of the structure. This trait allows the crane operator to lower the material on a sturdy surface. Alternatively, the Loading Platforms can serve as “unloading” platforms. Workers can place materials on the platform for the crane to pick up.

What to Look For

Loading platforms carry tons of loads. Thus, two of the things you need to look for are strength and durability. The stronger the platform, the more loads it can carry, and the faster your worker can do their jobs. Most loading platforms can carry around 5 tons. Durability is also key because you want that platform to last. A scary thing to happen on a project site is your workers standing on the platform they used again and again thinking it will do its job, but once the crane lowers the materials, the platform collapses.

Strength and durability allow the platform to be better at its job, but these traits also keep your workers safe. The platform should also have direct safety features such as strong guard rails of adequate height. 

The area is another practical thing to consider. The larger the area the platform has, the more materials and people can stand on it (as long as everything is within the weight limit). Besides the area, you also need to see how far off the side of the structure the platform extends. The farther it is, the easier for your workers to load or unload materials. Many platforms extend to about 5 meters to the side.

Lastly, you’ll want a platform that is easy to install and uninstall. Work on a construction site is already time-consuming. You want your workers to spend less time putting together a 3-ton steel puzzle, and more time on direct work.

If you have a high-rise or a multi-story project, having a loading platform is pretty much a necessity. When you have the right one, you can make your workers’ jobs safer and easier.

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