How To Choose The Right Legal Size Folder For Your Business Needs

How To Choose The Right Legal Size Folder For Your Business Needs

A perfect size, unique, and customized folder has a lot of benefits for your brand. Therefore, you should select the best one that meets your brand needs and personal preferences.

Despite being of standard sizes, folders tend to vary significantly due to their variation in purpose. Gone are the days when the folders used to be suitable for only storage. The modern folders are a marketing, presentation, and branding tool. When widely disseminated and perfectly selected based on your preferences and needs, they can help you meet other needs.

To get the right ones, you must understand the dimensions available and the nature of the documents you would wish to store in the folders. You should know the sizes, materials used, available porches, and the process. With all these variations, selecting the best one for your needs should be easy. If still uncertain, here are some factors that could help you select the best folder.

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1. The purposes

Before you buy a folder, you should consider why you need one. The folders are designed to serve various purposes; hence, there is a variety to consider and select from. Regardless of the choices you have selected, you also have the option to consider the standard, customized, or plain colors.

In terms of customization, you can get folders with brand colors or other elements like logos, mantras, and brand values printed at the back or the front. Generally, when customizing, you can design the plain folder and customize it based on your attest and preferences.

When looking for the best folders for either of these purposes, you can opt for the legal size folders by Mines Press. From the websites, you have a variety of folders to select from and the choice to customize based on your needs. Some of the most common categories by purposes would include storage, Personal, presentation, customized, marketing folders, etc.

Those meant for storage in the office cabinets should have cut tabs. These tabs are necessary for file and folder labeling to avoid mix-ups amongst the clutter. The purpose can also influence the choice to customize or not. For example, if you need a storage folder, you can consider plain or standard or those customized in plain colors alone. Storage folders also include additional compartments or pockets to organize all your documents.

For presentation or marketing needs, you need a folder that is branded with major brand details included in it. You can also consider the customized hard-covered folders with additional interior pockets to hold and store your documents for a presentation.

Folder icons,vector illustration.EPS 10.
Folder icons, vector illustration.
EPS 10.

2. Material and Quality

The materials used for various folders tend to vary depending on the process. Folders used for presentations must leave an impression; hence, they should be branded or have a customized hardcover to ensure durability. The need for customization is to create a lasting brand visual and appeal to the viewers. Generally, the choice of materials will determine the material and the durability. The higher the quality, the more durable it is.

Next, you can consider those made from standard and light folder papers, which are normally perfect for short and long-term storage needs. Occasionally, you can also get folders reinforced with a thin polythene film to protect against humidity. Such folders are mainly good for humid areas.

Some of them are also designed to look like bags with an enclosure to prevent fluids from getting into contact with the stored paper.

For vintage looks and appeal, buy folders made from PVC, leather, and other materials. Regardless of the selected material, it is best to select colored ones for branding and aesthetic value. For the love of the environment, select folders that could be recycled once they approach their timeline.

To avoid folding when mixed with other files, the office folders should have  PVC or polythene cover. This will also help increase the life expectancy; hence, you can store it for ages without worrying about damage to physical and humidity.

3. Selection Based on Sizes

The standard folder is normally about 4” in height and 15” in length. There are various exceptions, and not all are precious to this size. Some tend to exceed this size. However, the key difference is in weight due to the material used and sometimes the purpose, i.e., additional pockets for storage and paper organization.

To ensure the papers remain plain when stored and do not fold, select one that is at least bigger than your papers. This creates some room and ensures the papers remain straight. There are also other smaller sizes, mainly the letter sizes.

4. Price Matters

One of the most considered factors is the price of the available folders. The price depends on various factors, like the need for customization. Customization will push up the value regardless of the type of folder you select. For instance, colored storage folders will be slightly more expensive than plain ones.

Next, the material will define how much you pay for the folders. Folders made of leather, thick cover, waterproof, and other elements apart from paper will cost you more. Finally, the additional number of porches included will require extra cash escapes if the pouches are deeper and can help with roles like organization.

For cost-saving needs, consider lighter folders, which can be used for storage since nobody will touch them frequently. Once stored, they are hardly pulled out of the storage cabinet. The simple ones like paper folders are easy to maintain and sometimes to build the needed numbers.

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The first rule to selecting the best folder is whether customization is needed. Regardless of purpose, all folders should be customized for brand promotion. Next, you should consider the type, i.e., paper, PVC, leather, etc., depending on your preferences and weight concerns.

With all these factors in mind, you can choose from folders dedicated to different goals and purposes.

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