How to Keep the Football Gloves Sticky?

football gloves sticky

Football is a popular sport among people around the world. Heartbeats increase with every score in the football match. From teens to old, all age groups sit in front of the television to watch the players compete for glory. People go mad to watch the winning match of their players. The players give their full effort and team spirit to keep the audience alive on the ground. The lively environment and the cheering audience give full energy to the players to fight for their victory.

football gloves sticky

What are the accessories for the football game?

Football accessories are the equipment used by the players for their body protection during the game. Safety is important while playing football since the players might get injured badly without safety equipment during the game resulting in them not playing the game again. The basic accessories worn by football players include a helmet, shoulder pads, mouth guards, football gloves, shoes, rib pads, knee pads, and compression shorts with or without protective cups.

The receiver and the Linemen need gloves to play the game efficiently and without any injury. They usually wear sticky football gloves to not to miss the catch and to experience a better grip. Players should be trained and comfortable to use sticky football gloves on the ground. The game happens running around throwing, holding, and catching the ball, for which players need sticky gloves to prove their talent and give glory.

Why does the stickiness of the gloves wear off?

For a wide receiver, a new pair of sticky gloves gives more enthusiasm during the game. What happens when the stickiness wears off? There are many reasons for the stickiness to wear off as follows.

  • Wear and tear occur naturally because football is a rough and tough sport. Over usage of the gloves makes the stickiness wear off easily.
  • Dirt, grass, and turf along with natural wear and tear factors will lessen the stickiness of the gloves.
  • The stickiness on the gloves might get affected by natural weather conditions like snow or rain. Players will have to play in all climate conditions irrespective of the rains and the sun and hence they might experience reduced stickiness owing to the changing climate conditions.
  • A cool, dry state of maintenance is needed to preserve the stickiness of the gloves. The gloves should be maintained with extra care for the wide receivers.

How to make football gloves sticky

How to make football gloves sticky?

After every wash, the adhesiveness will be restored in the football gloves. The dirt and turf in the gloves make them lose their stickiness. The humidity in the air may damage the stickiness, so make sure to dry the dampness in the gloves. When you clean up the gloves with a moist napkin or towel, immediately wipe them with a cloth to avoid their dampness to keep them sticky. During the game, if you feel that gloves are not sticky enough, then have a strip that is placed over the gloves and wipe it off to remove the dust and mud. It gives instant stickiness to the gloves. Here are some simple tips to be followed to keep your gloves sticky without breaking the rules.

Spit method

To win the game, blood, sweat, and tears are all needed. Sometimes, in the middle of the game, some spit on the gloves is also needed. If you notice that the gloves are not sticky enough, then you can spit into the gloves to keep them tacky. This is the method used if by chance the football gloves are completely dry during the game. You can spit into gloves and then rub your hands against each other to remove excess dampness. This spit method is used by many players because of being able to be used many times during the game.

Wipe technique

You can use wet wipes or baby wipes to wipe the gloves to keep them sticky. The most natural way to use this technique is to put on gloves on both hands, then roll up the wipes and rub both gloved hands. Don’t forget to rub your fingers as well. After that brushing, you can feel the gripping get better.

Sun-dry method

The gloves have to be sun-dried after every practice session. The gloves of the wide receiver, quarterbacks, and linemen are always sweaty, and the gloves lose their stickiness easily. To maintain the stickiness, the gloves should be sun-dried. A bunch of newspapers can be inserted into each glove to remove the excess moist and pungent smell due to sweat. You can remove the newspaper and use the gloves for your game without any bad odor.

Extra pair for the tournament

You can hold two pairs of gloves, one for a practice session and the other one for the game day. The new pair of gloves can be more sticky and they can be used during the game to take the victory.


Adhesives like pine tar, stick-um, etc are not allowed to be used in football games. You have to check the rule book before using these adhesives. If it is not mentioned, you have to get a clear explanation before using it.

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The main aim of the sticky gloves is to hold the ball to not approach the goal post. You can try all these methods and use the best method that suits and use that method on your game day. With these methods, you can deliver the game more exciting and interesting for the audience.

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