Not long left in the race for the Premier League title

The Premier League is coming to an end with Liverpool and Manchester City looking to battle it out for the title against each other with only a few points separating them. Football fans are placing their bets on whom they think will win the league with curacao casinos accepting UK players when you visit these sites providing gambling platforms to place different wagers. We will look at how the season has gone so far and what is in store for the other teams in the league.

What is in store for the summer transfer window?

All the Premier League teams will be looking to improve their squads during the summer transfer window to help them push for the title or to avoid relegation. Clubs are expected to spend a large amount of money between them as they will all be looking to increase the power of their squads by bringing in new and exciting players whilst shipping out the unwanted players with either a permanent sale or loaning them out to another club to gain experience.

In previous transfer windows, we have seen some world-class players making the moves to different clubs and this summer transfer window is expected to be as hectic as the recent winter one. The transfer window is an exciting time for anyone who is a football fan and new transfers will help teams fighting for the title to be able to improve their squads in the hope that they can lift the trophy.

Who will win the league?

With there only being a point between the two top teams it is hard to tell who will win the league as Manchester City and Liverpool are both looking to lift the trophy at the end of the season. Currently, it could be anyone’s trophy as there is only one point separating the two teams and only time will tell who will win the trophy at the end of the season. Both teams need to have a good run of form to ensure that they do not drop points as whoever drops points will most likely lose in the race for the title.

The season has been exciting and thrilling so far with two teams battling it out to see who can win the league once again. You should now have a better understanding of the Premier League title race and how transfers can help both teams.

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