Your Chainsaw Won’t Start? 6 Tips to Fix the Issues

Your Chainsaw Won’t Start 6 Tips to Fix the Issues

Chainsaw is a tool that is used to cut down wood materials. This chainsaw can be used for both industrial and domestic purposes. You can use them for cutting the felling trees, trimming the branches, and cutting wood for fireworks such as campfires. Actually, because of the continuous usage, sometimes chainsaws won’t get started. To solve this dilemma, we have to troubleshoot the issues.

Randomly there were some common reasons that affects the starting issues. Before troubleshooting the problems, ensure the safety precautions to avoid unexpected accidents and damages. Keep away the valuable things and your hands from the saw.

Let’s see the reasons that your Chainsaw won’t get started…

Your Chainsaw Won’t Start? Tips to fix the issues

  1. Inspect the Spark Plug of your Chainsaw

Spark Plug is the equipment that helps to start the engine of your chainsaw. If it is faulty, your engine does not work and your chainsaw never gets started. Hence, you have to remove the spark plug and investigate the condition. Have to remove the spark plug carefully with the wire, and check whether the wire gets damaged or not. After that check whether the electrodes of the spark plug get burned or not. If damages occur, you have to replace your spark plug with a new one.

If both are fine, then we have another way to test them using a spark plug tester. Using the tester, investigate the spark color. If you get a spark in blue color, which is strong enough to start your engine. If the spark is yellow or orange in color, the spark plug is weak and you should replace them immediately.

  1. Bad Gasoline

Chainsaw does not get started if the gas cylinder consists of older gas. If the gas losses its volatility, then it will affect your chainsaw. Normally, the gas will long last for a month. After that, you have to fill the new gas for unstoppable working conditions.

Because of the older gas, your chainsaw faces plenty of problems such as, it spoils the combustion chamber, it will result in a faulty carburetor, it will affect the fuel line, and your Chainsaw emits a lot of dark smoke while running. Hence it is important to replace the gas and have a stock.

To avoid this problem, you should buy an ethanol-free gas. And drain the gas tank, if your chainsaw is not in use. Hence it prevents volatility.

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  1. Check the Carburetor

If you are leaving the fuel for a long while, a chemical reaction takes place and oxidation occurs. Hence, the sticky and insoluble debris will make your carburetor clogged and the chainsaw won’t get started. Check the carburetor whether it is clogged or not.

If it is clogged, clean the carburetor with the cleaning solution and if it does not work well, you should replace the carburetor with a new one.

  1. Check the Ignition Coil

The ignition Coil will transfer the voltage to the spark plug, which helps to start up the engine. While, in continuous usage of a chainsaw, the coil gets damaged and it gets spoiled. You have to test the ignition coil when facing a chainsaw starting issue. Before testing the ignition coil, make sure your spark plug did not have any issues. Then test the ignition coil using the tester. Test the coil with the spark plug, if you did not receive any blue spark, you have to replace the coil with a new one.

  1. Clogged Air Filter

Make sure to clean the air filter after every usage, particularly after 10 hours of usage. Hence, the sawdust and other debris from the fuel and gas will affect the air filter. Without proper airflow, you will face overheating, and smoke emission problems.

You can predict the air filter problem, by experiencing more fuel consumption than normal. After some time, the chainsaw would not get started. You should replace your air filter if it is damaged. Otherwise, regular cleaning is sufficient for unstoppable work. Air Filters are recommended to change once a year.

  1. Recoil starter

The recoil starter helps to start over the engine by turning the shaft. If the recoil starter pully is damaged, the engine won’t get started. Make sure to check the recoil pulley when the tool does not get started. If it gets damaged in the sense, it does not get rewind in the forward direction, it will turn around in the backward direction. Hence, this opposite-direction winding will damage the engine and it would not get started.

Check the recoil starter before starting the chainsaw. If it is broken, replace them immediately to kick start the chainsaw.

Final words

Here we will mention some of the common reasons that may affect your Chainsaw starting problem. You can easily check the above steps by yourself and you can troubleshoot the problems while you are struggling to start the chainsaw. Apart from the above issue, there will be many reasons that won’t get started. If those steps could not work in the sense, you can bring your chainsaw to the profession to investigate the issues.

Hope this article was helpful. Stay with our blog for more informative articles.

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