5 Signs It’s Time to Change Your Furnace Air Filter

Did you know Alice Parker invented the gas furnace in December 1919? The exact model was never remade, but it resembles modern gas furnace models.

As it evolved, a furnace has key parts that keep it up and running. Keep reading and we will guide you through the five signs it’s time to change your furnace air filter.

Change Your Furnace Air Filter

  1. Increase in Payments

If you’re seeing an increase in your monthly bills, it could be because your filter is clogged. You should keep track of your energy bills and if they are rising, check your filter as a potential solution.

Replacing your dirty air filters with new, clean ones can reduce your energy consumption by about 15 percent.

  1. Feeling Sick

With four seasons, allergies come and go. You may have sinus issues or other health problems that come about when winter turns to spring or spring to summer.

However, if you’re starting to feel physically sick inside and you just turned on your furnace, you should double-check and make sure everything is working correctly.

  1. Chilly Home

If your home is taking longer to heat up after you turn on your furnace, your filter should be the first thing you check. If your furnace filter is blocked or broken, you might notice that it’s harder for your furnace to warm up your home.

  1. Burnt Smell

If you smell something burning and you’re not cooking, this could be because you need to change your furnace filter. To keep your furnace from overheating, you need to make sure air is flowing through the system properly.

If your filter is clogged with dust or debris, it won’t be able to flow through and can cause it to burn. This will create a burning odor and you will want to get this checked out immediately to make sure it’s not a worse problem.

  1. Dust in the Air

Dust circulates through the filter in your furnace. You shouldn’t see recurring dust in the air and if you do this could be because your furnace filter isn’t doing its job.

If you get rid of the old filter, the new one will create cleaner air and you will see a lot less dust than your average dust that collects. You want to make sure to keep dust under control to prevent allergies and other sicknesses.

Discount Filters can help you find a filter that fits your system at a price that’s within your budget. You can see all the filters here.

Make sure before you choose a filter it’s right for your system and will work efficiently with all its other parts.

Change Furnace Air Filter

Now that you know the importance of your furnace air filter and when to change it, you will be able to assess the situation if you’re seeing any of the signs.

If you’re seeing an increase in monthly bills, feeling sick or cold in your home, smell something burnt, or see more dust in the air, it could be time to change your filter.

Check out the air filter today or keep browsing through the latest on Vletuknow.

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