Drainage Problems Cause Health Issues

2020 has reminded us about the importance of clean water, soap and to sing “Happy Birthday” for twenty seconds to ward off Covid 19, but there are other diseases that have long been associated with poor drains and these are just as devastating today, given the right circumstances.

Before sewer systems, the wastewater and effluents containing bacteria flowed down streets, a thought that is revolting to us now. That allowed cholera, dysentery, and typhoid to wreak havoc in communities. Exposure to raw sewage delivers equally unwelcome risks including legionnaires disease, gastroenteritis, hepatitis A, and campylobacteriosis.

Drainage Problems Cause Health Issues

If you suspect that you have a blocked or damaged drain then please do not hesitate to contact an accredited specialist service provider that offers an efficient response and effective treatments at competitive rates. If you’re in London or the South East, FS Drainage can help.

The need for professional services may be an irritation and an unwanted expense, but you should never allow a drainage issue to fester. For example, a blocked drain can lead to the strength and safety attributes of the full drainage system being compromised and this affects you and your loved one’s health in the home via bacteria and in commercial properties can lead to widespread health and safety implications.

Bacteria growth is the enemy

An existing health problem or skin irritation can be exacerbated by having blocked drains. For example, asthmatics will often see an increase in attacks when the drains won’t clear. Allergy and sensitive skin sufferers see a rise in their symptoms if there is water stuck in toilets, baths or sinks. The water in these facilities has been used and is evaluated as contaminated. The contamination has no release except back into the rooms of the property on the airflow. Bacteria flourish.

Scientists have discovered that one bacterium can replicate itself to eight thousand bacteria overnight on a dishcloth so imagine the effect of an overnight blockage in a non-draining facility. Actually, please don’t. If you have a problem, don’t hesitate to seek expert advice and services. You don’t need to make your property a science project. .

And then we have the aromas associated with drainage issues. These are not welcome and have been proven, unsurprisingly, to increase stress and anxiety when people are exposed to them which can lead to headaches, migraines, and fatigue. As we know, the other risks to physical health are manifold and must be minimized. Whilst we may not subscribe to the miasma theories of the pre-1880s in which smells and vapors from decomposed matter, animal, human, or vegetation, allegedly brought harm and disease, rather than germs and bacteria, it is certainly true that no good effects have been found from blocked or damaged drains.

As a bi-product, trapped moisture attracts mold, mildew, and pests. Obviously, all of these should be avoided.

10 of the most common causes of blocked drains are:

  1. Leaves.
  2. Debris.
  3. Dirt or silt.
  4. Soap residue.
  5. Hair,
  6. Toilet tissue.
  7. Toiletries.
  8. Food waste.
  9. Fats.
  10. Rainfall that floods drains.

Prevention is better than cure

It’s an old saying but it’s a wise one. Taking care to ensure that there are no builds up that pose a potential threat to health and safety may seem like an additional chore in an already busy day but simple maintenance and management are better than receiving a bill for professional drain unblocking services. Whilst not all drainage problems can be prevented, in many cases a little early attention saves time and money. e.g. Autumn sees an avalanche of leaves that can congregate over drains, and a two-minute sweep-up pays dividends.

Efficient, effective, and accessible advice, recommendations, and solutions are available via planned maintenance checks from leading drainage companies that offer 365 days in a year service with guarantees on work undertaken. These visits can negate the need for a stressful emergency call-out.

How can blocked and damaged drains be treated?

Professionals often employ CCTV to assess drainage issues and where there is damage it can be appropriate to offer drain relining services which restore the system to as good as new. In instances of blockages, water jetting is a common approach. Pressurized water, at a suitable rate for the substance and the size of the blockage, is sent through the drain to clear the issue. With both courses of action, there is no need to dig so minimum distress and disruption are promised.

Your innocent small drainage problem could cause significant health risks which specialists can offset with technology and experience.

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