Get Smart About Smart TV

Televisions have come a long way since their invention in the 1920s. Decades of developments have surpassed anything that inventor John Logie Baird could have envisaged. From analog to digital, streaming services and smart TVs including Google’s Android TV, see, who knows where the future will take our entertainment experiences?

We’re spending more time at home than ever so be confident that you have the best TV installed in your property to keep you company, to distract you from the daily pressures, and to claim the me-time that you richly deserve. Smarten Up!

Get Smart About Smart TV

  1. Smart TV’s were originally called Connected TV’s because they operate through the internet, either your ethernet or wi-fi connection. New technology has been steadily replacing the traditional TV that we once thought couldn’t be surpassed in the same way that mobile phones do so much more than make and receive calls. The Smart TV options are getting more sophisticated and offer tools and services that an older model of “normal” TV simply couldn’t begin to deliver to consumers. As new, advanced tools arrive in smart TV sets their predecessors are losing out on functionality, appeal, and costs.
  2. The normal TV and the smart TV have different hardware and software. The software and operating system in the smart models has the ability to learn your viewing habits, make recommendations and customize your experience. It’s like your own personal consultant. Your ability to access local and regional TV channels won’t be affected so you will still have news specific to you, not the New York Times headlines.
  3. Operating systems include Google’s Android, Samsung’s Linux and LG has WebOS. Smartphones and tablets are already Android and Google’s TV features several of the Google tools we are familiar with so there’s nothing new to learn when you switch on the TV.
  4. Smart TV’s powerful processors allow apps and streaming services content to be downloaded easily, with simple navigation around the customized screen.
  5. If you shout at a normal TV nothing happens. When you command a smart TV it works wonders. Voice control and voice recognition tools makes viewing films, and programs and switching between channels and services or playing games convenient, time efficient and pleasant. You don’t need to lift a finger unless you want to use a remote control instead. Decadent? Not at all, take advantage of not having to complete any hard work!
  6. Many of the smart TV’s on the market are compatible with home automation systems or act as one, which can revolutionize the way you work and play in the home. Close blinds, switch on lights and change channels, no manual effort is required. Bliss! Enjoy adding smart speakers and soundbars to create a greater level of positivity. Google Home and Amazon Alexa are suitable for use with most smart TV’s.
  7. As with all products, smart TV’s have been created to accommodate all levels of budgets. Don’t panic if you aren’t as rich as Croesus, there’s a fully functional, user-friendly smart TV out there for you.
  8. Smart TV’s offer access to or pre-installed streaming options. Not all streaming services require subscriptions and fees so your pocket doesn’t have to suffer. Today, the leading services in the UK include Britbox, BBC iPlayer, Netflix, Amazon Prime and Hulu. Smart TV’s can offer a cost-free alternative to cable and satellite by having a service like Freeview built-in or you can purchase a set-top box. Neither of these options requires a subscription. This is perfect for maintaining budgets and personal data. The more data that’s in the public domain, sadly, the more probable that it could be used for fraudulent purposes. Dismiss the risk by going subscription free. Who doesn’t like free?
  9. Your smart TV’s operating level will be updated as new tools are developed. With a normal TV you don’t get that. The experience never alters. In an age of constantly shifting capabilities, there is no reason to be the one person stuck in the proverbial dark ages.
  10. Android TV’s are available via big brands Sony, Hisense, and Phillips. These have Google Assistant and Chromecast built-in and offer direct access to the Google Play Store to download supported apps.

Whether you select a set-top box for a TV or have a service like Freeview built into a smart TV, you can achieve 4K with both, it’s your decision. However you decide to get smarter, you’ll be delighted that you moved forward with technology. A smart TV is your friend.

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