5 Important Tips to Follow While Buying Vanities Online

A bathroom is more than just a room in your house. It is an important place where you start and end the day. We were used to seeing bathroom vanity at restaurants and hotels, but the trend has picked up, and we get to see them in homes too.

A bathroom vanity gives you storage space, and it comes in handy, especially if you have a small bathroom. So, to help you with this, here are some useful tips for buying vanities online.

5 Important Tips to Follow While Buying Vanities Online

1. Identify Your Needs for a Bathroom

First, before anything, you should examine your current situation and identify your needs. One of the reasons for adding vanity is changing the bathroom style or adding some storage space. For example, suppose you have a pedestal sink that does not have enough room for your bathing products. In that case, a vanity can be a good addition.

If you need more storage in the bathroom, consider a bathroom vanity with cabinets and drawers. The height and width of the vanity is an essential factors as you need a design that is proportional to the bathroom space.

2. Measure Your Bathroom Space

Vanity comes in different sizes, and not every vanity will fit in your bathroom. The flow and size of the vanity are important. Hence, it would help if you take accurate measurements. It will help if you consider obstacles like doors as the vanity needs to be moved in the bathroom as one piece.

Give a thought to the way the door swings. You would not want the door to hit the vanity every time you open or close the door. The shower and the placement of the toilet are two important factors you need to consider while buying a vanity.

3. Check the Plumbing

Before looking at vanities online, you need to check your plumbing. The location of the plumbing can limit your choices of places where you can keep the vanity. You can make changes to your plumbing, but that will incur high costs. If you intend to change the plumbing to place sanity at the desired location, keep a big budget to cover the expenses.

You need to consult a professional to determine the costs and ways to do it. The kind of changes you need to make to the plumbing system depends on the style of your vanity. A freestanding vanity can help cover off-center plumbing issues. If you have a small budget for bathroom renovation, you can go for wall mounted vanity.

4. Pick the Right Sink Style

You have many options when it comes to choosing a sink in vanity. The selection of the style of the sink depends on the function and your preferences. You need to consider the overall look of your home and the bathroom when picking the sink. You need to also think about storage needs and the available space to fit the vanity.

You also get sinks that are ideal for small bathrooms. Consider every factor mentioned above when selecting a sink.

5. Select the Right Countertop Materials

There are various countertop materials available for bathroom vanities. You need to select the one that handles better wear and tear than other countertop materials.

To sum up, these tips can help you select the right bathroom vanity to add space and functionality to your bathroom. Remember to go through all your choices and no need to rush into a decision as you don’t get to install a vanity every day.

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