8 Tips to Make your Electronics Shockproof for Kids

tips to make your electronics shockproof for kids

Kids are a significant part of our lives. Their smiles make our world go around. But, It can be a little challenging to give them regular attention at all times. If you have recently become a parent, your little bundle of joy will soon want to explore the world around them and start crawling. It is when your nightmare begins.

Many things around our home may prove to be quite catastrophic with kids around. Many items, like open electric points around the house, can cause significant harm to kids.

tips to make your electronics shockproof for kids

Kids and electronics do not go hand in hand. Their curiosity gets the better of them when they try to operate things on their own. Kids are also notorious for sticking their fingers into the electric sockets. It makes it mandatory for you to keep your kids safe from accidents resulting from kids using electronics.

You may not be able to keep your electronics in the house away from kids. Therefore, you can make your electronics shockproof and harmless instead.

Here are some ways to make your electronics shockproof for kids.

1) Cover all your electrical outlets:

It is the first step you should take to baby-proof your home. It would be best if you covered all your electrical outlets with covers that are widely available in the market. Open electrical outlets are extremely dangerous with kids around. The holes in the walls are appealing to the kids. They try to stick things into it, which can be quite dangerous. So, these covers would act as a barrier and prevent any damage to your child.

2) Keep your electronic gadgets unplugged:

Kids may try to imitate your actions and can try to operate the electrical gadgets on their own. It can put them at risk of an electrical shock. It is always wise to unplug all electronic cords after use. Items that remain hot after use should strictly be kept out of reach of the kids. Store small handheld electrical gadgets like trimmers away from kids, preferably locked.

3) All wires should be properly insulated:

Wires are a significant hazard to young children. If you have kids around, you will have to choose the right quality wires for wiring your living space. Currently, insulated cables are considered to be safe. They come with a coating that is made of non-resistant material, which prevents leakage of electric current. These wires are also heavy-duty. It means that they can withstand electric surcharge for a longer time, without catching fire. It dramatically reduces the chances of a fire, which can happen if an electronic item is kept on for a long time.

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4) Shockproof your devices with earthing:

Electrical items may give a shock if you do not connect them with the proper earthing underground. Earthing will ensure that electrical leakage in the device due to damage, causes no harm to the user. If there is any damage to the electrical gadget, there is a risk of the kids getting an electrical shock. Proper earthing will make your home and devices shockproof for the kids.

5) Opt for waterproof gadgets:

Electricity and water certainly do not mix. The properties of water make it quite easy to get inside electrical gadgets and cause a shock. If your kids love to use small electrical devices, be sure that they are waterproof. However, they come with their limitations. Electrical appliances that are labelled waterproof are never successful in entirely preventing water seepage into the device. It means that some amount of water inside the gadget can get in. To avoid an electric shock, be sure to instruct them to keep these gadgets as far away as possible from the water.

6) Do not keep extension cords unattended on the ground:

There are many things that you need to take care of while using an extension cord. One of them is to avoid keeping them within reach of your kids. Extension cords that are accessible to kids can be your worst nightmare. Children may not only try to play with them, but they may also accidentally spill food or drinks on them. Try to camouflage your extension cords behind the furniture or get them fixed higher on the walls to keep your kids protected.

7) Keep an eye for tattered or old wires:

Old wires or electrical cords are hazardous to have in a house with small kids. They not only contribute to electrical shocks but can cause a fire as well. If you find an electrical device with old and tattered wire, replace it immediately. It is better to be safe than sorry when it comes to the safety of your little one. Also, opt for cables that have proper Triple layer coating so that they are safe to touch even during use.

8) Install circuit breakers:

Circuit breakers are essential in every household. They work by cutting off the power supply to the entire home whenever there is an electric surge. Too much electrical current flowing in the house can cause a fire. Wires in the house may heat up to abnormal levels if there is a surge in the electrical current.

Circuit breakers work automatically by detecting the excess current and switching off the power supply to the entire house until the problem is fixed. They also protect us from simple problems resulting from electrical failures and wiring problems. With kids around, there is always a fear of electricity misuse. Circuit breakers are essential in such cases.

Bonus Tip:

Check other electronic devices also. Like kids can easily reach TV and try to switch it on. So, make sure the TV should be installed properly on the wall or it should be placed at the maximum height that kids should not reach.

tips to make your electronics shockproof for kids

A bathroom is also an important place where you need to be very careful. Because water is a good conductor of electricity, there you need to check the water heater, electric trimmer and other electronic gadgets should not reach kids. 

In the kitchen appliances like a microwave oven, toaster, food processor and other electronic items should be unplugged after use for kids’ safety. So, that kids can’t turn it on accidentally. 

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Electricity is very dangerous if misused. It is important to teach your kids the potential dangers of playing with electrical gadgets. Here are a few things you can teach your children about electricity and electronic gadgets that will help keep them safe-

  • Instruct your kids not to play with wires or electrical outlets. Stress on the consequences of inserting objects into the socket, particularly.
  • You should inform the kids not to carry any electrical gadget anywhere near water to prevent shock.
  • Kids should keep away from power lines when playing outdoors. Teach them to steer clear of any wire lying on the road as it may be a live wire.
  • Give your kids some basic instructions on how to handle a situation where someone gets an electric shock. Teach them the importance of using non-conductive materials such as wood to break the electrical circuit.

Small things can make a huge difference when it comes to your kids’ safety. So, make sure to keep these things in mind to make your house and electronics shockproof for your little ones.

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