How Does a Robot Vacuum Cleaner Work? 

How Does a Robot Vacuum Cleaner Work

Still in doubt about the effectiveness of robotic vacuum cleaners? Find out how a robot vacuum cleaner works and what smart technologies are used in modern cleaning gadgets! With a robot vacuum cleaner, you can clean while on vacation and wash the floors while lying on the couch. Stop wasting time running around rooms with a handheld vacuum cleaner. The article will help you to understand the peculiarities of the work of robotic vacuum cleaners, cleaning modes, and the advantages of smart assistants.

How Does a Robot Vacuum Cleaner Work

A smart assistant from the future – who invented the robot vacuum cleaner?

Today, almost everyone can afford to live easier to use the achievements of smart technologies every day. In 1956, a robot vacuum cleaner could only be found on the pages of science fiction novels or a little later in books about the adventures of Dunno. And today it is enough to go to any electronics store – there are whole shelves of smart robots for every taste and color. According to Wikipedia, it is believed that the first who invented the robot vacuum cleaner, which was officially introduced to the market, was the American Joe Jone of the iRobot company. Since the introduction of his Roomba robot vacuum in 2002, the age of smart domestic help has officially begun.

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How does a robot vacuum cleaner work?

The best shark vacuum for pets is a robotic vacuum cleaner is designed to simplify the cleaning process and free up free time. One of the most popular robot manufacturers among users, ECOVACS ROBOTICS develops cool and functional Deebot robots, ranging from basic models without wet cleaning, such as the N76S, to the multifunctional PRO 930, which comes with an additional handheld vacuum cleaner.

Most often, the body of the device is round up to 40 cm in diameter, with a height of 7 cm and more, depending on the model (vacuum cleaners from the Slim series have an ultra-thin body to clean under low furniture, where a conventional vacuum cleaner will never reach). At the top is the power button – when pressed, the automatic cleaning mode is activated. Inside there is a motor, a battery, and a container where the vacuum cleaner collects dust. The front of the body is equipped with a shock-absorbing bumper for safe contact with furniture and interior items. In addition, all DEEBOT robots are equipped with anti-collision and anti-fall sensors (the robot identifies an obstacle in the path in advance and reduces its speed, as well as senses height differences and does not cross the safe border while cleaning near steps).

Below the robot are:

  • 2 side brushes for sweeping dust
  • main V-shaped brush / direct suction nozzle
  • wheels
  • microfiber mounts (in models with wet cleaning)
  • Microfiber

Most modern robotic vacuum cleaners can operate in two modes: dry and wet cleaning. That is, the smart assistant will not only clean the floors of wool and dust but also refresh all floor coverings. No buckets, mops, dirty rags or puddles on the floor. The technology of supplying water to microfiber allows you to use it sparingly and at the same time not leave streaks. All new DEEBOT wet cleaning robots are equipped with the updated Smart OZMO technology, which makes cleaning floors even easier.

Smart navigation and control

When the cleaning process is activated, the device pre-scans the room, builds a 3-D map of the house (Smart NAVI technology), and starts moving in accordance with the optimal route. Earlier models that do not have laser scanning of the room use Smart MOVE technology, which allows the robot to move around without skipping and to clean the floors efficiently. One battery charge lasts on average 110 minutes. If the territory is large, then the gadget, without assistance, identifies the need to return to the docking station.

When the robot vacuum cleaner finishes cleaning itself, it does not forget where it left off and continues from the same point after restoring battery resources. Depending on the need, you can change the suction nozzles: the direct suction nozzle is ideal for removing household hair, so the hair does not wrap around the brush and does not get tangled. Dust and dirt collect in a container that needs to be cleaned periodically. During cleaning, the vacuum cleaner, as it were, repeats typical human body movements (using Smart Motion technology) and passes through the same area several times,

You can control the device using a button on the case, a remote control (in some models) and through an application on a smartphone. In addition to the standard automatic mode, there are a number of additional functions that make life much easier.

Just imagine, the weather is damp outside, guests have come to you and left behind in the hallway – now the remnants of earth and sand will quickly spread throughout the house if nothing is done. Instead of going to the balcony for a broom and sweeping, or taking out a vacuum cleaner from the cabinet, plugging it in and manually eliminating the consequences, you can relax with a cup of coffee, press a couple of buttons on your smartphone and the robot vacuum cleaner will remove it in a few minutes in local mode. all pollution. You don’t even have to get up! Conveniently.

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The main modes of smart cleaning:

  1. Automatic (when choosing it, the robot is sent to clean the entire territory of the apartment from and to)
  2. Local cleaning (if necessary, clean up in a specific place: only in the kitchen or on the terrace)
  3. Along the perimeter (the gadget will walk only along the walls and in the corners, where dust settles most)
  4. “MAX” mode (double reinforcement of the suction power for heavy dirt).

You can easily customize the robot for yourself, set a cleaning schedule, mark virtual walls (areas that the robot will bypass) and even do cleaning remotely! Yes, yes, even while lying on the beach on vacation – if you want to return to a clean and dust-free apartment, with a robot vacuum cleaner this issue is solved once or twice. Almost all basic DEEBOT robotic vacuum cleaners already have voice control available (the vacuum cleaner connects to Alexa or Google Home speakers in a few steps).

Cleaning takes place without wires. The robot does not require monitoring the battery charge level. Often users have questioned whether the robot vacuum cleaner can be put on the base all the time. Yes, you can, but not necessary, as after each cleaning cycle it automatically returns to the charging station.

Modern robotic vacuum cleaners are designed as clearly and simply as possible – even a child can handle the controls! Such an assistant will become indispensable in every home, especially for pet owners. Every year the range of smart assistants is expanding, and the functionality is improving. In the Ecovacs Robotics catalogue, you can easily find a device that suits you in terms of functionality and price category.

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