How to Choose a Mattress? 10 Myths Debunked

How to Choose a Mattress 10 Myths Debunked

When choosing a mattress, the main thing is to get down to business without prejudice. A refutation of the main myths and answers to the most important questions can be found in our review.

How to Choose a Mattress 10 Myths Debunked

How to Choose a Mattress? 10 Myths Debunked

  1. A hard mattress is good for the back.

WRONG The myth that a wooden board can be used instead of a mattress is wrong. An excessively hard mattress puts too much pressure on the shoulders and pelvic area. Too soft, on the contrary, cannot provide the body with sufficient support and does not allow the spine to straighten.

  1. You can buy one mattress for a life

INCORRECT The life expectancy of a mattress is 10 years or 3650 nights. However, the need to change the mattress may come earlier – if it sagged or deformed, springs began to be felt or troughs appeared on the surface. Attention! Even if the coating fabric is absolutely clean and the mattress looks like new, this does not mean that it is in good condition.

  1. A thick mattress lasts longer

FALSE The thickness has nothing to do with quality, although if the mattress is thinner than 15 cm, you run the risk of pushing the mattress strongly on the mattress against the base of the bed. But there is no noticeable difference between a mattress 15–20 cm high and thicker: it is the upper centimeters that bear the main burden during sleep.

  1. Mattress pad makes sleeping more comfortable

AND YES AND NO There is an opinion that the mattress pad makes the bed too hard and soft. This is so, but only if it is designed specifically for this bed! Be that as it may, it is impossible to improve a poor mattress with a mattress pad. In countries with a cold climates, mattress covers can be changed depending on the season – if you have not bothered to buy a mattress with “winter” and “summer” sides or just do not want to turn it over again. Get two mattress covers of different compositions – one will warm in the winter, the other will refresh in the summer.

  1. A quality mattress can be used without a foundation

WRONG This Japanese practice, which became fashionable in the West in the 1970s and is still popular among teenagers, is harmful. The base provides support and allows the mattress to breathe. Every night we lose an average of 400 milliliters of water. It evaporates through the bottom of the mattress thanks to the base. Without it, you are guaranteed condensation on the carpet or fungus on the floor!

  1. Mattresses made of latex, polyurethane foam, and spring blocks differ in quality

WRONG Which material and type of mattress to choose depends on the individual characteristics of its owner. One and the same mattress cannot be advised to a person who moves a lot in a dream, and to a person with a sore back or to someone who is sleeping on his stomach! For all types of mattresses, with one level of quality, prices are about the same. There is no filler that would be an order of magnitude more expensive than the rest. It is also useful to know that there are no generally accepted standards for designating the “rigidity” and “softness” of a mattress; they vary depending on the brand.

  1. The nice bed is expensive

AND YES AND NO Even the most expensive brands, as a rule, produce sets from the base of the bed and mattress in several price categories. Each of them has simple and complex models. You can easily pick up top mattresses for under $300 or based on your budget online.

  1. When choosing a bed, you need to consider your dimensions

TRUE The standard width of the bed varies from 140 to 180 cm. Which one to choose depends on the height and weight of those who will sleep on it. The wider the bed, the better you get enough sleep on it. The length is determined by the growth of the tallest sleeping person: 20 cm should be added to this figure. An equally important indicator is weight.

The more a person weighs, the more support a mattress should provide, especially in the hips and buttocks. And vice versa: the lower the weight of the owner, the less rigid the mattress should be, since if not all parts of the body come in contact with the surface of the mattress, support is excessive. If two people of different sizes sleep on the bed, you should choose a two-in-one mattress – hard on one side and soft on the other. You can also put two mattresses side by side.

  1. You can purchase a new mattress for an old foundation

WRONG After six months, or even earlier, the new mattress will be damaged. It is necessary that the bed and mattress fit together. Otherwise, such a bed will be as uncomfortable as a car with poor depreciation! Unfortunately, this prejudice is very tenacious: in France, for example, sells half as many beds as mattresses. Keep in mind: the spring base fits the spring mattress. The rack basis – to latex, polyurethane or spring. The easiest way to avoid mistakes is to buy a kit of the same brand. In this case, the mattress and the bed will definitely fit together.

  1. The height of the bed is determined by national traditions.

TRUE in Japan, it is customary to sleep at the floor level, in Italy they like low beds, in Anglo-Saxon countries, on the contrary, they prefer high. What are the advantages of a high bed? It’s easier to go to bed and easier to get up. For older people, this is especially important.

How to choose a mattress and bed in the store?

Unable to choose a bed in three minutes! Just sitting on it, you will not understand whether it suits you or not. Therefore, do not hesitate to lie down and lie down for a few minutes. It is important that the surface is soft and the support is rigid. The body should be in full contact with the mattress.

If there is a gap in the kidney area, this means that the mattress is too hard. And if the elbow falls, when you lean on it, the mattress is too soft. Testing the bed is preferable in light clothing. The correct body position is when your spine is fully erect. If it bends, this indicates excessive softness of the mattress. Tip: do not test more than four mattresses at a time, otherwise you will get confused!

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  1. Quality is the main factor of a mattress. In most cases, low budget mattresses become bad and harmful for health. Thank you for share your wonderful mattress shopping tips and guide.


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