Some Useful Tips for Buying an Ice Machine

Buying an ice machine for an institution working with products is a serious investment, therefore, when buying, you should take into account all the nuances and technical characteristics: installation method, case material, external dimensions, capacity, capacity, energy sources, type of water supply, type of cooling system, type of ice.

A wide range allows each owner of a bar, restaurant, supermarket, or small cafeteria to choose exactly what you need.

One of the options that many restaurateurs are considering, especially those that have just opened their establishments, is the purchase of used equipment. This way you can save a little money, but as a result, it is likely to incur costly repairs to the unit and the associated problems and costs. In addition, a used ice machine is unlikely to function as efficiently as a new one.

Tips for Restaurant and bar owners

If you nevertheless decided to buy an industrial ice-maker “on hand”, pay attention to some points that should be kept in mind in order to minimize risks.

Carefully inspect the unit.

First of all, check the compressor, condenser, and evaporator. The compressor carries the main load, therefore, is the most vulnerable part of the ice maker. Inspect the condition of the condenser coils, and make sure that they are not dented, deformed, or rusted. Check for corrosion, cracks, dents, or other signs of substantial wear on different parts of the apparatus.

Relate the power

of the ice maker to the needs of your establishment. Preliminarily calculate the amount of ice your company needs at all times and find a model that perfectly matches your requirements. The capacity of ice generators varies from 12-15 kilograms to several tons, the most powerful produce ice in the form of scales for cooling fish, semi-finished products, dairy products. The ice configuration (cubic, granular, scaly) depends on the nature of its use.

Ask a specialist.

The task of the former owner of the unit is to try to dispel all your doubts and sell equipment at all costs, and if something goes wrong, unexpected expenses await you. Consult the masters who are involved in the installation and repair of this equipment, and find out what potential problems may occur with used equipment. After weighing all the pros and cons, you will determine for yourself what is more profitable – to purchase an ice maker with mileage or a new one.

Daily care.

Strict adherence to the instructions and careful handling of the equipment is the best way to provide it with many years of trouble-free operation. Procedures for cleaning and purging the unit should be carried out regularly, while always disconnecting the equipment from the network.

Should I buy a used industrial ice machine?

It is possible, but unsafe. Too much can go wrong, for example, vital parts (compressor, evaporator, condenser) suddenly fail. The cost of replacing each of these devices will hit the budget significantly. Of course, malfunctions also occur in cars that have recently left the assembly line, but at least you will use the manufacturer’s guarantee, which cannot be expected in the case of a transaction with a private person.

Benefits of New Ice Makers

There are other reasons besides guaranteeing why it is better to buy a new ice machine.

Technical progress. Manufacturers of ice machines constantly conduct research and develop technologies to make water freezing more effective. Advanced equipment with a lot of useful features appears on sale.

Built-in antimicrobial protection. The latest commercial ice machines are equipped with anti-microbial protection elements that stop the development of bacteria, fungi, and mold. Modern devices ensure compliance with hygiene standards, which greatly simplifies their maintenance and maintenance.

You can save on utility bills. Another significant plus of modernization is energy saving. For example, devices with the Energy Star logo are more expensive, but they consume 20-30% less energy than similar equipment, which is good for the environment and for the enterprise budget.

The ice maker can produce ice of various shapes. You can buy an ice machine that will produce ice flakes, which are small plates. The ice generator of cylindrical and granular ice is used in the production of cocktails. Buy a cone cubic ice machine can also be purchased for alcoholic drinks and cocktails, a common mistake is that in the ice machine, you can choose the form of ice. Each refrigeration unit freezes water of one specific shape.

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